Friday, October 31, 2008

Oh, and because today was Halloween and all...

    I thought I would mention that while I was standing on the line during the show tonight, I looked out at the audience and I couldn't help but notice this: a man, sitting in the third row, looking like a respectable theater goer in (almost) every sense of the word, with his glasses and his nicely pressed button down shirt and um, a pair of long, pointy elf ears framing his face.  

   Yes, elf ears.

     But, he was just as serious as can be, watching us dance and sing for our lives, wondering who would get the job in the end, all while sporting some elf ears that were about as big as his head.  

    It was all I could do not to crack up laughing.

    I loved it.  


peaj said...

That's what you need - elf ears.

Jessica Latshaw said...

these were a little much, though--even for my taste (and you know how I love elves)!

kathiek said...

Too funny!