Thursday, October 16, 2008

some pics, some text, for your viewing pleasure...

   I thought I'd share some pics with you--some from tour, some from other shows.

   Here we are, grooving, with Anthony jumping over our heads like it ain't no thang.

   And you can't very well be in A Chorus Line, without showing this, right? And (she tries to act all nonchalant, but is actually very excited...) you might have seen this same photo on a billboard.  You know, one of those really big advertisement things that are hovering over highways...? Oh, you're familiar with the concept of a billboard? Right, of course.
  This is from the National Tour of the Will Rogers Follies.  I am dead center, on the top stair.  Did I mention that I did a show for almost a year on stairs?!  Yeah...And for any of you who are country music fans, Larry Gatlin is shown here downstage center as our Will:
Quick story about that show: At our opening in TX we were enthusiastically giving it during the seemingly endless tap extravaganza that was the top of our show.  We were all on the stairs tapping and singing when, in the space of about a minute, three of us went down.  Either from our chaps getting caught on the stairs or just from plain falling, we lost some of the ensemble.  From the audience's perspective it must have looked like there was a sniper in the house.  I wouldn't have been surprised if they had taken cover, too.  

 Oh, and here is me as Belle! I mean, what girl doesn't want to be Belle? It was a dream. Truly.
  And here is the gang, during the 4th montage, about to go into our nervous breakdown on stage.  Most of us really like this part of the show because we get to yell whatever we want and have temper tantrums, respectively, on stage.  Awesome, right? And this is my job!!!
  And here we are in our backyard at my L.A. digs.  I would like to point out that I am really helping these spindly-armed, out of shape, weak excuses of men that happen to be friends of mine in the cast.  It's a very good thing I was there...
  In addition, I will say that Jay (the one directly in front of me) is helping maybe just a tad bit more than I am.  But not by much, not by much.

   And here we are in L.A.--John, Kevin, Jay, and me.  Oh, and it's my birthday!  I like these guys a lot. Okay, so I love these guys.  So much...  
Making the face that pretty much only I can make.  It's a way I have of plugging my nostrils with my lips.  And get this--I swim that way! I never need to hold my nose or wear nose plugs or nothin!  It might be very strange looking, but hey, it gets the job done.
Wine Country, USA.  Riding in style outside San Fran, and I am rocking albino-white skin for some reason. Jealous?!?!
  In the back of the corvette I surprised Drew with in San Diego.  I am wearing Drew's pin-striped jacket and Anthony is showing you a dangerously low-cut shirt.  Gabi is to my left and John is giving you face over Anthony's shoulder like he's on the cover of a magazine (maybe because he has been on the cover of a magazine!),
One more thing: Today I found myself lost at the bottom of my friend Derek's apartment complex here in Cleveland.  Contributing factors to my wandering was that the  bottom of the apartment complex is a strip mall as well as being adjacent to a college, with connecting hallways and everything.  I mean, sure I had been there just last night, up in one of the apartments, but come on--that was like 12 hours ago!  

 It's not like my mind is a computer! Or a GPS, for that matter...

  So, I was wandering around, trying to figure out how I was gonna find Derek in his apartment when three ladies walked up to me.

  Are you Kristine? asked one of the ladies.

  Not Are you in A Chorus Line? or even Do you play Kristine? but Are you Kristine? Just like that, as if she just happened to watch the real me audition for a show, along with my husband and about 16 other people.   

  I thought about it for a second, took in the fact that I was lost at the bottom of a building that I knew housed the apartment I needed to get to, was intimidated by my confusing surroundings, and really could use Al's help right about now (if you haven't seen the show, Kristine is truly dependent upon her husband Al), and could only smile as I replied,

   Yes. I definitely am Kristine.  

   She went on to say some very kind things, for which I am grateful. I went on to ask a security guard how the heck I get to Derek's apartment and did, eventually, find it.   


Michele said...

Hot guys Jess! Spindly arms my foot!!! Oh, and you're beautiful too :)

kathiek said...

Love the pictures, Jess, thank you for sharing so much of your life on tour with us! I love the nostril-plugging lip thing...too funny, but I almost hurt myself trying to make that face! I have one of my own I'll have to show you's pretty spectacular in its own right, if I do say so myself!!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Ha! Michele, those guys could really use a few sessions at the gym...;-)

And Kathie-I'd love to see that face you made that almost hurt yourself--sounds like a good one!

kathiek said...

Jess, sweetie, I was trying to make the face you were making...the nostril plugging lip thing you do!! ;-) But I do have a great silly face of my own (but it doesn't hurt me)!

Jessica Latshaw said...

perhaps you should post that great silly face of your own on your blog--I would love to see it!

and I am sure I am not the only one...

kathiek said...

I don't know, Jess, after all I do have my reputation to consider...;-)