Friday, October 3, 2008

I hope I don't look like a pirate

   Where to start, where to start?!?!

    It was a full day.  I got my hair done by a genuinely Russian woman today; of course I could not resist telling her that people think I am Russian all the time. I think I thought it was funnier that she did.  

    Me, Anthony, and Ian traveled to the Riverside Theater to give a master class and a Q and A session to a group of middle grade through high school students.  They were amazing.  Most of them had seen the show, and had many questions--lots of good ones, too, like How do you keep yourself healthy on the road (LOTS of pb&j!)? and Is it hard to maintain relationships while touring (Yep! next question...)? 

   One littler guy with braces and a Spamalot t-shirt was very professional when he came up afterwards to ask for an autograph and picture; he shook my hand and, while looking me seriously in the eye, said, I hope you have a successful run of your tour.  I thanked him just as seriously and marveled at his precociousness as he walked away. 

   He made me miss my nieces and nephews.

    After that, I did a show.  But I somehow managed to cut my face during the opening combination.  Cool, right?  I mean, this far surpasses running into inanimate objects, if you ask me.  I sliced open the bridge of my nose with my own fingernail during the pivot turn.  Guess I was just a little too into it or something.  I asked Colt if my face looked weird or anything right afterwards, to which he replied, Well, it's bleeding. 

   Well, shoot.

    He told me to run off stage to take care of myself, which I did, and missed a cue.  Why do dressing rooms have to be so far away? 

    You want to know the funny thing, though?  As soon as Colt told me I was bleeding, I unfortunately did not stay in character, did not question if this would jeopardize me at the audition or anything method (acting) like that.  Nope, I said, But I'm in a wedding tomorrow! Now I'm gonna look weird and pirate-ish...

   He was like, You're gonna look beautiful.  Nice guy.

    Anyway, the cut is really just very small--especially after I dabbed the blood off of it.  John was like, just put some bare minerals on it and you'll be fine.  But I think John's solution to any problem might be bare minerals; if I came up to him with my arm hanging by a thread from my body he would probably just slap some bare minerals on it and tell me I'll be fine.

   Oh, bare minerals is a kind of makeup that most of the guys in our cast is now obsessed with, John being the foremost.  But it is really good makeup, so you can't really blame him for that.

   Anyway, I have to try to go to bed earlier since I am going home tomorrow to be in my dear friend, Laura's, wedding and it's an early flight.  Woo-hoo! When I was walking home from the theater, it felt like it was close to Christmas or something, I was that excited...  


kathiek said...

Well, I suppose it would have been worse if you had run into something and BRUISED your nose (or broke It), so the little cut probably won't even be noticed. I love bare minerals make-up! Great stuff!

How long will you be home? Will you be able to go to church?

That IS funny about the Russian hairstylist thinking you were Russian, too!

Anna K said...

Your hair looks lovely, by the way.
We miss you but I hope, nay I'm sure you're having a wonderful time!
See ya in Greenville!

Anonymous said...

Jess! it was so good to see you!!you looked beautiful and your song was so beautiful!! have a great couple of days here!!!! love, sarah

Archie Mck said...

Ha! Why are dressing rooms so poorly located? We were playing a gig at some Univ in TN and were told we had 30 min until we needed to be back onstage. Well, this being the first free time since sound check I went to the restroom. Unfortunately, time is quite relative in TN and the dressing rooms were far enough away that I couldn't hear anything. (they were like hollowed out of the concrete foundation or something, like a bathroom/bomb-shelter) Needless to say in an amount of time more like 10 minutes the guys are sprinting past the door and telling me it's time to be onstage for our first set. I think I jumped onstage as we started the song, like lights dim, no one's there, light back on, here I am! Yes, too many dressing rooms are poorly thought out, as are people who can't tell time.