Saturday, October 11, 2008

a challenge, for those who are up to it

This weekend has seen a large influx of people downtown, due to the Fall for Greenville festival that is taking place.

Those of you who are from my neck of the woods will know what I am talking about when I say that it is somewhat reminiscent of Newark Night, only bigger with--something I happened to discover today--better bands.

And oh, I tried something that I have always wanted to taste--at least, ever since learning about two best female friends, first by watching a movie, then by reading a book.  I can't say the title, cause it will give away what this picture is.  Any guesses? 

    First to guess correctly wins...uh...points!  Though this might be a little like Whose Line Is It Anyway, in that the points don't matter and there are no prizes.*

    Unless, of course, I randomly decide to give a prize.

     Well now I can just feel the suspense building...! 

     And one more clue: there is pimento cheese on top of the mystery food.  Maybe that helps; I don't know.

   *if I happened to have already told you what new food I ate this weekend, please refrain from cheating, er, guessing*

    A small group of us wandered through the festival after the first show today, and between the 4 of us, we ate: lo mein, ribs, quesidillas, lobster cigars, ice cream, kettle corn, and a slightly warmed (which may or may not be due to the fact that it was sitting in an A Chorus Line bag all afternoon) homemade turkey and cheese sandwich.

   Any guesses as to who brought the sandwich? ;-)  But this one is not a contest, cause I bet you can all just figure it out for yourselves...

   And then, after we were finished stuffing ourselves, something serendipitous took place.  We discovered a fantastic band, The Civil Twilight. They remind me a little of Muse, since there are only three guys and they produce this beautifully powerful wall of music between the three of them, plus they have similar accents, though these guys happen to be from South Africa.  

   The lead singer (with a falsetto for days and inspiring lyrics) bounces back and forth from a keyboard, an electric guitar, and a bass; the other guy sometimes plays an electric guitar with a bow, with a pick, or plays the bass.  And the drummer just plays, well, the drums.  But they are truly great--reminding me of Radiohead, Coldplay, U2, and as I already mentioned, Muse.

   I met them afterwards and it turns out they moved to America some time ago--Nashville, specifically--but will be relocating to NYC soon.  And I bought their cd, a 14-song compilation for $5 dollars, which seemed like not very much. I mean, I would have paid more; I like to support artists when I get the chance.    

   And when I bought their cd, the merch person said that she loved our show (Kevin was with me)! Turns out she had come to opening night...It was nice to hear.

   So there you go--it was so fun discovering their music.  I just started listening to their cd, too, and it's good, just as I suspected it would be.  

Okay, now figure out what new food I tasted this weekend...If you can, that is!


jason said...


(book was better than the movie.)

kathiek said...

Ditto: Fried green tomatoes. They are very good when made right. Did you like it?

Sounds like you had fun!

kathiek said...

Oh, fyi my dear Jess, although I already knew what the mystery food was (having eaten them before...but not with pimiento cheese), anyone could guess because of you new little widget! ;-) Love to you!

christine said...

I know I said it on the phone already but I am quite impressed that you would try fried green tomatoes!

JoshuaMcCain said...

rocky mountain oyster! right? bull's testes! i knew IT!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Although Josh would have been right if I had shown a picture of ALL the food I ate at the festival...I gotta say that Jase won.


If memory serves, Jase won the creepiest habits award earlier in my blog as well.

Jessica Latshaw said...

oh and btw, they were quite delicious!

And, those of you know me as a picky eater--aren't you proud of me for trying them?!

Anonymous said...

fried green tomatoes! yum. love em.