Monday, October 20, 2008

hmmm. Straight Night.

   It's funny how so many people sort of hate Mondays and what they usually stand for--back to work, the end of a free weekend--while I LOVE Mondays.  They are my one free, totally-up-to-me day of the week.  Sometimes I think I might like Sunday nights even better; the anticipation of a great thing weighing even stronger with me than the thing itself, but still Mondays are pretty darn near lovely.  

   Today was a great day.  I did so much.  Really.

   I voted (absentee-style. And DE is kind enough to send me an already-addressed-envelope, now that's what I call service!).

  I made reservations for a birthday soiree for my friend Ian at a, or rather the only downtown restaurant that stays open past our show here in Cleveland.

   I went and picked out one of those huge birthday cards for him so that the whole cast could sign it.  I had a whopping five to choose from and believe me when I say that none of them really had Ian written all over it. Heck, none of them had Ian written anywhere on it.

  So I settled for the puppy-dog card.  I figured most people likes puppies, especially the kind that are on a card and will not have an accident on your carpet or be inappropriate with your friend's leg.  

   The puppy-dog was the better choice, especially when the other cards had either a cartoon drawing of a butt on it or some sort of lame joke about getting older.  

   But the card store did have a special: buy three, get three for free.  I figured since I already bought one...I might as well just pick out two more, and then I can pick out three more!  I mean, it made sense at the time.  

   So thirty minutes later, I left the store with six cards in tow--including the huge one with a puppy-dog on it, but you already know about that, I guess.

   I also went online and picked out a birthday present for a very special person in my life (that's all I will say about that, though, because that person reads this blog).

   And I bought two pair of leggings that ended up being way too short for my legs.  Great. Now I have to make a trip back to the depressing mall where I found the puppy-dog card.  

   And you thought I was being sarcastic when I first stated that I did so much today...But wait--there's even more...Some of the guys were hosting (I kid you not) Straight Night. The plan was to watch football and play poker.  And I got invited...

   So I went.  It was pretty fun; for a while I was the only girl in attendance, but nobody seemed to hold that against me.  We talked, we watched football, I glared at Bill Belichick whenever I got the chance (I know he couldn't see me, necessarily, but I bet he felt my glare somewhere down deep in his soul.  That's assuming he even has a soul).  I did draw the line at playing Bloody Knuckles, however.  Hitting another person over and over again is not my idea of a good time (and don't even try to bring up that monster. I only hit him once!). 

   So all in all, it was a good day. Quiet. Restful.  And there was a nice to-do list that I got to mentally check off.  Oh, but I didn't end up playing poker, which is probably a good thing because I've never played poker. When the guys asked me if I wanted to attend Straight Night and play poker, I said, Poker's like Yatzee, right? They just looked at me with a big old question mark written all over their faces. You know, full house, three of a kind, four of a kind, large straight...I totally got it. They were like, Sure Jess, I guess it's kinda like yatzee, if that's how you like to think about it...). My roommate is out for the night so I went back to my hotel to take advantage of a room all to myself for the evening.  

   And to fill out the six cards I bought on impulse this afternoon...



Mom said...

Mondays are my wonderful days off also. Yesterday was particularly exciting because I had the retreat over the weekend and hadn't had a day off for 10 days. But then, right when I was starting to just relax and do the things i wanted to do, I was called by someone on staff, "Hey, where are you? Remember we have a staff meeting this morning?" I actually got teary-eyed.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Hey Mom--I heard the retreat went so well-- that's awesome! And how sad to be called in on your well-deserved day off!!!:-(

kathiek said...

I have to say that I am not a big fan of Mondays; of course, I almost always have to work on Mondays (and 3 times a year I actually have to work Monday evenings, too). I have made peace with them, however, because whatever day starts your work week is like a "Monday", anyway.

christine said...

Man...I understand the hostility towards Bill Belichick but...I wonder if he even has a soul...Jess, those are some pretty harsh words my friend : ) The funny part about it was that you said it like it really could be explaining of yourself or no little smiley face...just throwing out the possiblity of a soulless Bill Belichick : )

Days off sound really great. It's weird when you're a mom of small children because those days are few and far between and even when you have time off it's just that, a time off...not a whole day. When I have some time off, like when their napping, I always feel like my to do list is way too involved for that hour and a half I'm going to have. Sorry I sound like I'm complaining, I guess I am but it's more just stating how it is.

I understand enjoying the anticipation of time off almost more than the actual time off (especially when I was working outside of my house...that made me laugh cause I imagined myself working on my lawn). Like Friday nights are so much better than Sunday afternoons because Sundays bring the realization that you have to go back to work the next day. Anyway...I am writing way too much. I apologize : )

Jessica Latshaw said...

No, first of all, never apologize for writing too much--I mean, look who you're talking to!!

And please read my newest blog of the whole soul of Bill Belichick...though you're right, a smiley face really would have been appropriate:-)

And yeah, I suppose being a mom is about as full-time as it gets! Hmmm...maybe you and Josh are due for a little vacay just the two of you sometime soon...;-)