Wednesday, October 8, 2008

look, mom--I'm on a billboard!

  Well here it is, folks! Me. On a billboard.  Sure, it's with a whole bunch of other people, but hey--I'll take it!  I am the eighth from the right (in case you are not my mother and so cannot distinguish me in a crowd of people, all in the same position wearing just about the same thing).

   Exciting, right?!
   Anyway...I watched some of the debate last night and does anybody else think that Senator McCain has rather short arms? Maybe that's just me. And no, that is not the only thing I took away from the debate.  I was paying attention; I also noticed that Obama has a nice smile.  

   Kidding.  Well, Obama does have a nice smile, but you know what I mean. 

  I called Delaware today--er, the voting hot line, I mean (if I could call Delaware, what would I say? Way to go at being first! Or maybe Nice beaches! Or even, It's okay, I know you're a state, no matter what anybody else may ignorantly say...) Anyway, I called the voters registry thing and made sure that I was indeed registered (round of applause for that one).  Then I found out how I can send in my absentee ballot, since I will be in Toronto during the election.  Turns out it takes a notary.

  A notary?!

  So now I have to find a notary here in Greenville to verify that I will indeed not be able to vote in the fine state of DE come November.  And I will probably have to pay $5 to do it.  Why do they make voting so difficult? I imagine there will be many people who do not vote absentee because of the whole notary issue. Or maybe I am just lazy.


  Today I went to the gym.  And for a large portion of my time there it was me, a fellow cast-member, Pilar, and a man dressed in camouflage talking about "jest goin' trout fishin' down in  Beaufort," I kid you not.  He dropped down on the floor and proceeded to do some stretches in his camo and denim attire--after he removed his boots.  Lucky for him, if there had been any hunters in the gym they would have missed him entirely. Lucky for us, there were no hunters in the gym. Perhaps I should invest in some camouflage for my workouts. You know, just in case. 

  I love the South.  

 There is a Confederate Museum right near me.  I have asked a few people in the cast to accompany me, and so far almost everyone has said no.  John told me it sounded hideous and then asked me if I wanted to learn how to enslave black people.  

   No, I don't.  I just am fascinated by the Civil War. And anyway, I am a Yankee! Duh.  

   One more thing: anybody want to explain "pork barrel spending" to me?  It's getting thrown around a lot lately, with these debates and everything, and I would like to a). know what it is and b). make sure I am not participating.

  In the words of my friend John, it sounds hideous.


jason said...

It's when politicians sneak little lines into bills that end up giving certain groups lots of money for things the government doesn't really need. Like you may have a bill about highway safety, and then the politician from Massachusetts puts a part in there about repaving all the parking lots in his state, and the federal govt will pay for it... and the paving companies are the politicians biggest campaign contributors.

Mom said...

Originally "pork barrel" meant any form of public spending. But after the Civil War it became a bad word meaning what Jason said. If a family had a pork barrel, it meant that they were wealthy. USA has an article out that says: Alaska — with roughly a tenth of Arizona's population — is set to receive $506.34 per capita, the highest in the nation, according to Taxpayers for Common Sense, a watchdog group which tracks earmarks. Earmarks is another name for pork barrel spending

Mom said...

Yes, a Mom knows her daughter and can easily pick her out of a line of 19 people! Probably blind-folded. Exciting you're on a billboard!

kathiek said...

Congrats on the billboard, Jess! That is exciting!

jason said...

It would sense that a lowly populated state would cost more per capita for some projects though because a road doesn't get cheaper just because less people use it, for instance, but is still needed.

(this is not a sarah palin related comment though, because as governer she doesn't have anything to do with the federal earmarks anyway.)

Jessica Latshaw said...

thanks for the explanations! that makes sense!

joshredstate said...

billboard! so exciting! you know when i was in europe once i wanted to vote and found it to be the most frustrating vexing things i have ever annoying...and i was in the states when i started to find out about it...

Jessica Latshaw said...

Yeah--I got it done, though! Found a notary, he didn't charge me, faxed it to DE, and now should receive my absentee ballot in the mail...

I do think they could make it a little easier...but oh well!

And Josh, when I first read your comment, I thought you meant that you were trying to vote in Europe for on of THEIR elections! I was like, of course they made it difficult--you weren't even a citizen!!!!

Anonymous said...

McCain's arms might not be short proportionate to his body (he's a little guy) but they are definitely rigid because both (I think both?) were badly broken during his crash and in subsequent torture. Apparently he can't lift either arm above his shoulders. I don't really like the dude's temperament or policies but you gotta respect his toughness.

Pop said...

Hey, I got listed as anonymous! It's me--Pop.

Anonymous said...

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