Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm back, WITH my one bag, thank you very much

*Update* So, I got to the theater and had a reimbursement check waiting for me...That means a trip to the bank is in store for tomorrow. Yay!
  I think I have a good amount of cherry almond granola clusters loose in my purse. Actually, I am sure of it--since I just accidentally tipped the bag over into my purse. But right now that is the least of my concerns.

   I am at the airport, having just landed from one flight and about to take another, en route for Greenville, SC. This, in itself, is a bit of a miracle.  

   See, due to some unforeseen circumstances (our mortgage was taken out of our account a week early, I was underpaid by my work which will not be remedied till next paycheck, we loaned out some money, and Drew and I both had the pleasure of being in our friends' wedding, but of course it costs a little extra...), things became really tight this week.  And by really tight, I mean that we kind of ran out money. And by kind of, I mean...we did.

   This became even more of a problem when we realized that my flight back to work was with US Air--and they charge an extra $15 if you check even one bag. Well, I am not going to be home for two months, so you can be sure that I have to check one bag (I had been thinking about bringing two, actually!).  That did, however make my decision easy; the second bag would have been another $25, so yeah, I decided to just pack one...

  Because last night at midnight, Drew and I were looking literally on the floor, in pants pockets, in old boxes--anywhere, really--for loose change.  Between the two of us, we had 6 dollar bills, so we had to come up with $9 worth of change.

   And we did it!!!  I had it all counted out and sealed in a small box, ready to go in my purse.  I was confident that I could check my one bag.

   But then the morning came (too soon, as it usually tends to do), and Drew and I were stuck in terrible traffic (something about a huge dumpster overturned on I-95).  The normal 45 minute trip to the Philly airport took an hour and 45 minutes, which made me miss my flight.

   Well, actually, I wouldn't have missed my flight if I hadn't needed to check my one bag (that's right, that one bag which forced me and Drew to scrape together some much-needed change from our empty pockets to put into the already cushy, deep pockets of US Air. Not that I am bitter or anything.).


  So, the guy behind the US Air counter rebooked me to a non-direct flight that went through Charlotte, which is where I am now. And the good thing is that the US Air rep had told me on the phone that I would be charged a $25 rebooking fee, which would not normally be such a big deal...But this week, well...You already know about the $9 in change we scraped together...Anyway, the guy didn't charge me. No fee!  All I had to pay was the $15 bag check-in fee (which you know I already was ready for, with my little box and everything).

  At the counter, I took out my little box, opened it up, and sheepishly explained to the US Air guy that it was a tough week and I had to give him this change--all with a smile, or course.  He didn't say was sorry, didn't try to reassure me by saying that it was okay because change is money, too, didn't even smile back at me. He just laboriously counted every last penny.  It was kind of funny, actually, but I think he failed to see the humor.

  Payday is Thursday and I am really looking forward to it.

   And I will, I guess, have to root out all the granola in my purse. Eventually.

   I got into Greenville.  Have a show in a few hours and a party after that...Thank God I made it.


kathiek said...

I'm thinking of the old Morton Salt commercial..."when it rains it pours"! Well, you made it, and payday will be here before you know it!

Anonymous said...

Way to hang in there!

By the way, US AIR is probably worse off than you and Drew - I think they are in at least a billion dollars of debt and losing money each quarter! But still - the $15 fee is annoying!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Hmmm, I guess I was being a bit dramatic. That is sad that US AIR is doing so badly, but still the fees to check bags--or even get some water on the flight--are so annoying! I fondly remember the days of a meal, or even a snack on board, and I miss those days!