Thursday, October 16, 2008

isn't it ironic?

     Sorry I couldn't post last night; sometimes blogger doesn't believe that it's me--even though I use the same exact password and user name--and so won't allow me to post.

     I guess it's just doing it's job.  But still, I find it very irritating. 

     Anyway, just wanted to give one more addition to my travel day story, though it has transpired in the days since Monday.

      After our first difficult day at the Wyndham, a few of us visited the Radisson down the street, asking for availability and rates.  They were delighted to have us, sympathized over our staying in a hotel that was currently under construction, and let us know they would match those rates and do whatever else they could to make our stay with them comfortable.

   The only issue for us was that our company had already hired the Teamsters (which is a rather tough union that pretty much is on parr with the mafia here in Cleveland) to move our extremely heavy trunks that travel with us.

   Seriously, these trunks are probably about 200 lbs each.

   We didn't know how we were going to move them from one hotel to the next.  And we weren't about to try to contact the Teamsters...

   But we wanted out of our current hotel and the tap-tap-tapping on the walls.

    Anyway, an angel in the form of Gina the Italian (and no, she is not a Teamster) heard of our plight at our opening night party here.  She is the VP of the Playhouse Theater and owns the Wyndham (where we were staying, albeit somewhat unhappily).  She was sad to find out that the construction was bothering us and told us that she would do anything she could to help us move to a better-suited location.


   So, we called Gina the Italian the next day and she sent over the maintenance men from the theater, complete with dollies and a large white van.  They were gracious enough to move our trunks for us and we checked into the Radisson with no further problems.  We were even pleasantly surprised to find that they put us up in a spacious suite and we had tons of room (plus sleep number beds!).

   We went to lunch and on the way back passed a parking structure that was under construction.  We couldn't help but notice it was practically adjacent to the Radisson.  I said, Wouldn't it be ironic if we got into our room and could hear the drilling from the parking garage?!

  We all had a good laugh at that and shook our heads at the improbability of it.

   Famous last words, right?

    Me and Gabi got into our room that was conveniently situated on the side of the building that practically shares space with the parking garage.  And we heard drilling.

   But this time it was louder than we'd ever heard it in the Wyndham.  We laughed, but just a little because it meant we had to pack up everything again and move those blasted trunks again.  

   We called the front desk and explained to them that we couldn't stay in this room due to the loud drilling noises coming through the walls.  They understood and moved us.  

  We didn't get a suite again, but it was a fine trade for peace and quiet.  Hopefully we will stay here at least until we go to Toronto in a week and a half.  

   And anybody who can create a silent drill would have my vote for president. I'm just saying.


kathiek said...

Chapter 2 in "The Trials and Tribulations of Traveling" sorry, Jess, I hope that is the last of it!

Natalie C said...

Oh, how I sympathize.
I was in Spain in February/March of 2007, and my hotel experiences were nothing short of horrific. The worst was in Madrid, where there was construction going on RIGHT outside our window, so they moved us to the other side of the hotel, but our bags got lost in the process. (They later showed up on the 9th floor of the hotel. We were staying on the 5th.) And then, in our new room, we discovered that the couple next door was having some sort of WWIII type of spat, and we could hear everything (but not really understand it, as my feeble high school Spanish doesn't really get me anywhere with native speakers).
I've never been so glad to go home to my cat, who sleeps above my head on my pillow and purrs louder than a motor boat, and my squeaky, rattling ceiling fan.
I'm seeing ACL when it comes to Philadelphia in December/January, and I'm quite excited!

Jessica Latshaw said...

thanks, Kathie!

Hi Natalie--that does sound terrible! I am psyched that you are going to see the show in Philly; hope you like it:-)