Wednesday, October 1, 2008

rat-tails and sleep overs

      Sadly, my friend and roommate's grandfather passed away yesterday.

       This meant that Gabi went home, which meant that I am left alone in a big, 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment in downtown Boston.  And that fact led to me posting this status on facebook: 

       Jessica is very sad Gabi had to go home; does anybody want to live with me?

      Which led to Emily coming up to me offstage tonight and saying, I read your status, are you serious?

      Absolutely! I said.  

      So, Emily is spending the night tonight.  Woo-hoo, it's a sleep-over with all the trappings; I mean we talked about boys and everything, even staying up till 3 in the morning...And if that wasn't enough to make this girl's sleep-over official, we even did my hair. Sort of.  At least, I pretended to be Sheila (the character Emily plays), gathering as much of my very short hair that I can and putting it into the world's tiniest rat tail at the nape of my neck, only to "let it down" in a much less sexy manner than Sheila does onstage every night.  

       It might not have been sexy, but it was funny...

      And if you have seen the show, then you get it--if not, maybe the thought of my hair being in a rat tail is at least a little bit funny, even if the reference to ACL is lost on you.  

        Or maybe it was just late, and we were tired.

        Anyway, if it was late then, then it's very late now.  So good night... 


Peaj said...

That's pretty sweet of Emily. I'm glad that you have cool friends around you.

Michele said...

Girl's night sounds like fun! My sister and brother in law are visiting and Jeanette and I stayed up late chatting and laughing. Good times :)

Jessica Latshaw said...

staying up chatting and laughing is almost never a bad thing!

emilystella13 said...

it was both sexy and funny! Just like you. Thanks for an awesome slumber party. Hope the wedding was perfect and the meeting successful. Greenville's not that bad!