Thursday, October 2, 2008

it's all part of the job

   Sure, I love the fact that I am realizing a dream, touring a Broadway show, acting and dancing and singing for a living and all that, but you know what I really love?

   All the free food that comes with the job. And the drinks (though I am not much of a drinker, but still).  And even the occasional stuff!

   Just tonight for instance, this cute bar/restaurant called Max & Dylan's just across the theater threw a party for us after the show.  A party just because.  The champagne was flowing and there were servers with huge trays filled with delightful appetizers just walking around the room, hoping that we'd lighten their load by taking some.  And did I help?  Of course (I try to be a helpful person, you know)!

   It's funny how adventurous I get when it comes to appetizers.  If you know me, then you know that I am generally a picky--if not downright squeamish eater--most of the time.  But something about a double show day really works up an appetite that, combined with only a glass of champagne swirling around in my stomach, found me reaching for just about every edible thing I could see.

   And no, I am not pregnant (we established that a couple of posts back, remember?).

   When usually I would pass, depending on how it looked or smelled or even how it looked like it smelled (if I weren't close enough to do any actual smelling, you see), I was all grabby and try-anything tonight.  Goat cheese?  Sounds tasty.  Onions?  Throw on a few more.  Mushrooms?  Probably healthy, right?  Something unrecognizable? How bad can it be (turns out, not bad at all)!

    The only annoying part of the evening was that, for some unknown or perhaps shady reason, there was one table of women who had nothing whatsoever to do with ACL.  Not anybody's guest, not part of PR, not part of anything.  And the annoying part was that their table was conveniently (for them, not for us!) situated the closest to the kitchen, making it so that every new batch of appetizers that came out went first to them and were directly scarfed up by them.  

    We all noticed it and were nonplussed, not to mention irritated.  

     Oh well, in the end we were getting a free party with free food and champagne--I suppose it wasn't the worst thing in the world to have to share with a few ladies.  Maybe they really needed it or something.   

    Oh, and I mentioned that this was a double show day.  On a Thursday!  And our matinee was at 1 o'clock!!! The funny part was that all of us dragged ourselves into the theater at noon, acting like it was 6 am in the morning...And the sad part was that for most of the working world, they had already been working for about 5 hours...

   Even so, a 1 o'clock matinee on a Thursday, no less, can be a little difficult. It's those moments that you have to remind yourself how grateful you are for the job, how very badly you wanted it when you were auditioning in the city.

   But at these free parties that we randomly get thrown for us--well, we need no reminders then on how very grateful we are for the job and how badly we wanted it back in the city!


Tophs said...

Similar situation here... 10 AM student show yesterday. That's right... Half hour at 9:30 AM. They even had to pay us overtime for cutting into our 12 hour rest period.

But to be fair... I was getting up to be at work by 9 through August in the city, and you know what? We said the same thing here. We're so happy to be working and have jobs, and those kids and blue hairs LOVED our show.
And we got free breakfast. Not bubbly and apps, but still... bagels go a long way.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Oh Topher--a 10 am show?!?!?!

Mad props to you...:-)

And bagels DO go a long way; every sunday matinee our SM buys us bagels and it seriously makes a huge difference; I look forward to bagel sunday ALL WEEK!!!

kathiek said...

I LOVE appetizers!! Sometimes, when John and I go out to dinner somewhere I just order appetizers for dinner. When we go to the ritzy Christmas party John's company has every year it is one huge app fest...3 floors of different appetizers to graze on...wonderful!! Unfortunately, John thinks they are not going to have it this year (or maybe not ever again), so sad! I am sure my waistline will be happier, but I always justified the feast by nearly non-stop dancing anyway!