Friday, November 13, 2009

happy typo-ing

Every once in a while there comes along a truly great typo that just makes life better. Maybe it's an extra letter here, a misspelled word there, but whatever the case, when a zinger makes an appearance, I appreciate it.

This said, I was ichatting my sister-in-law Darby the other day.

We were just conversing, trading sentences back and forth, when all of the sudden she mentioned the word fragment. Now words like fragment inevitably remind me of something my beloved father, affectionately known as pop, would say. Those of you who know him and love him as I do know that he regularly utilizes some of the more obscure words, dusting them off and displaying them proudly in conversation. For instance, he wrote me this sentence in a casual email just the other day:

Another interesting dysfunctional strand in the knotted up ball of psychic string.

See what I mean?

It's great and it's totally him.

So anyway, after Darby wrote something or other about a fragment I immediately replied with:

Btw, you sound like poop.

And proceeded to press enter before I realized what I had actually written. As soon as she wrote back, WHAT?!?! I realized my mistake and started laughing uproariously. So much so that my roommate looked at me funny and my rib started complaining from the jostling all at the same time.

But I couldn't help it; what a hilarious stroke of lucky typo-ing.

I wrote her right away that I had meant to say she sounds like POP, not POOP, putting her mind at ease because, as she soon wondered, what does poop sound like, anyway?

Actually, it's not the first time I called Pop poop. It is, however, the first time I have done it accidentally. I was a little girl when I had the initial revelation that pop's name was only one small letter away from poop. And that was it. I called him poop.

But just once.

Luckily, he has a good sense of humor and laughed it off, but he probably wouldn't have liked if I had made a habit of it.

Still, you sound like poop.



James Ricardo The Actor said...

Your poop sounds like an awesome guy!

Jessica Latshaw said...

lol, he is!

Pop said...

From the real Poop himself: Thanks, daughter, for immortalizing me on your blog so memorably! Many family members over the years have happened upon the "poop" epiphany. I smile each time. Looking forward to your homecoming!

Ah, Poop

Mom said...

I MARRIED A POOP! How's that, Jason, for the name of new sit-com?

Ha Ha Ha......I loved this particular blog. I'm glad that the stress of life hasn't robbed you of your humor, Jess.

peaj said...


He has, of course, referred to himself as Poop right here on this blog. Just saying, ya old poop.


Jessica Latshaw said...

ha, you're right, Peaj!

Too funny...

kathiek said...

Very funny blog and comments!

Mandy and Jack said...

That made me laugh right out loud during work.