Wednesday, November 11, 2009


There is a piano at this hotel.

It's funny, whenever I ask the person behind the front desk if I can play the hotel piano, their first response is usually just a flat-out no. And I let them say that. Because I am so nice. And because I have no control over them.

But then I smile. I act very kind. And I ask them one more time. Or ask when a good time to play their piano would be.

And most of the time, they respond with a why don't you play it right now?

And suddenly we are on the same team.

That happened tonight.

And settling down onto that bench, hearing the creak of the wood as I adjust to just the right spot, it's like coming home.

Actually, my piano bench at home has some leather on it. And when I was writing an essay for my Freshman Writing class at UArts, I mentioned something awkward like hearing the sound of the leather stretch as I sat down to play. My amazing teacher who opened my eyes to the importance of a thesis statement as well as the evils of passive voice, graded it and sent it back with a question. In red.

Do you always wear tight leather pants when you play the piano?

Point taken.

Specificity is invaluable, folks.

And no, I don't always wear tight leather pants when I play the piano.

Only sometimes.

Anyway, I played for a long time tonight. I wrote something, a song I guess, if it makes it that far. I really like the chorus, but have my reservations about the verses. So, we'll see. There's always more work to be done, isn't there? More things to make, which is good news. Something to fix your heart on, something to bring you hope.

But here is a lullaby I like to sing.

It brings me comfort. Makes me think of parents. Or God. But generally of being loved and cared for.


peaj said...

Pretty song. I like. The green-striped top made me smile.

Sarah said... beautiful..and comforting..i needed to hear it:)

christine said...

I love that was nice hearing you sing something familiar to me : ) Like PJ said, your green-striped top made me smile as well...seems to be the shirt to wear when you make videos : )

Jessica Latshaw said...

ah yes, the green striped shirt. Actually, it's a zippie, but that is probably hard to tell from the video. Basically, I wear it every sound check, which happens to fall on tuesdays. Oh, and I wear it a couple of days in between sometimes, too.

Glad it made you guys smile:)

James Ricardo The Actor said...

Oh I love a good lullaby! I also love that you smile, flirt, put on the charm, and get your way! Then they gag, cause your actually good, and want you to play everyday!

Emily said...

How pretty, Jessica... it's amazing how often you can get what you want when you're nice to people!

Mandy and Jack said...

I'm LOVING all these video-blog-songs!!!

kathiek said...

Lovely. Thanks for sharing. I have missed hearing you sing, thanks for the videos.

Karenkool said...

Beautiful voice, Jess.

Jessica Latshaw said...

thanks, friends:)