Friday, November 20, 2009

humor is as silver of a lining as any

He tears me down on every side till I am gone;
he uproots my hope like a tree.

Job said it.
And he said it well.
And I draw comfort from those sad words, from a text that lets me know that deep sadness has been a part of our story since the first words were spoken; but it's not the end of Job's story.

And so maybe that means it's not the end of this story either.

And thank God for humor along the way. For the ridiculousness and utter comedy that is undeniable, that rises up and makes you laugh despite yourself.

Like what my pop said to me tonight. After staring at me quizzically for a few moments, of course. And when that happens, you never know quite what he is going to say. It might be the notion that we simply ask a friend of ours if we could borrow his wheelchair since my sister just got surgery on her knee and is not able to rip around on her own quite yet.

Um, pop? we all suggested. He might just need that wheelchair since he is, you know, paralyzed and all.

Or it could always just be a question.

Is this, he said, pointing to my hair, a mullet?

Laughing, my brother jumped to my defense right away and assured him that no, it is not in fact a mullet.

Though it's a little disturbing that he even had to ask at all.


kathiek said...

Indeed, "thank God for humor along the way"...I think laughter in the midst of tears is just one of the many evidences of God's grace in our lives.

Sarah said...

i love Job..there really is such comfort in knowing that others that have gone before us have had pain, but also triumph..i love how God restored so much to is sad that he was in so much pain, but he also met God in a way that he never knew him before...i forget which verse it is that says." i had heard of you, but now my eyes have seen you"...he went to such a depth with God even in the midst of his pain..that has always brought me so much comfort..and that cracks me up about your Pop..i can picture that look!! and that is so funny about the wheelchair!!!love you, Jess

Anonymous said...

i think jason knows a mullet when he sees one...because he kinda has one right now...

Michele said...

Oh Bruce! :) Laughter is definitely good for the soul.

jason said...

You forgot about how he felt like he had to interpret for the waiter, too! Haha.

lindsay said...

Jessica, though I haven't seen you for bit, I am confident that you do not have a mullet. That being said, if you ever should find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of having a mullet, you are probably the one person in this world who could actually make it look chic and cool somehow. Good post.

merry said...

Yeah, Jess, I was thinking what Linds said, you are the only person I know that could make a mullet look cool.