Friday, November 6, 2009

a few pics thrown your way

I just found a strong spot of internet--three whole bars!--in the hallway, so I sat myself down and got to it. Around here you never know when the ichat window is just gonna roll right up and away and you are suddenly disconnected from the world wide web in less time than it takes to press save now.

But anyway.

I thought you might want to know that I fought the pole...
And the pole won.

Or at least left a mark.

For those of you who cannot tell, this image is the back of my leg, right above the knee.

Kind of pretty, huh? I am actually fascinated by bruises. The color, how tender they are, how they progress and then are suddenly gone. I think the way the body heals is truly miraculous and now I get to watch a little miracle every time I catch a view of the back of my right leg.

Lucky me.

But for those of you who may not be so enamored with bruises, I will leave you with a different parting image.

Taken while walking with David over the bridge on the way to Whole Foods. It was a long walk, but totally worth it to see the sun setting over the harbor and to have our room now stocked with delicious food.


sherri said...

The bruise looks so painful. I hope it heals quickly. Love the pic of your view- I love taking walks with amazing views!

kathiek said...


jendale12 said...

Walk back over the Whole Foods and get some Arnica Gel; it speeds up the body's natural healing process, i use it on bruises all the time.

jason said...

That looks like a shark attack!

I love Vancouver, you should go to that large park there... don't remember what it's called. But it's the largest park. If you have any free time you should take the ferry to Victoria!!!

Mandy and Jack said...

Wow. What a contrast in pictures. I really don't know how to comment on this one. I guess I'll go with "OUCH!" and "Pretty!!" I should hope you know which goes with which.

Also, I'm slightly jealous because though I get bruises, I never really "bruise" visibly. Which is irritating since people just think you're a whiner if you don't have the awesome bruise to prove it.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Sherri--I think it might actually look worse than it feels, which is how I prefer it!


Jen--yes, arnica! Somebody actually gave me some when we were in school together--maybe it was Lauren? Anyway, that is some good stuff!

Jase--of course you would think shark attack! and unfortunately, it's been raining here the last two days so, walks are kinda out:(

Mandy--yeah, part of the fun of bruising is having people quite impressed with it as you get to show it off!