Thursday, November 12, 2009

new normal

It's not every day you rediscover what home really is.

There are a few of us who are going home to husbands or very significant others and we affectionately call ourselves The First Wives' Club. And right now I am so tired and have been trying to figure out the grammatically correct placement of that apostrophe for so long that it has completely lost all meaning. So forgive me if it's not right.

It's not always about being right, I guess.

But anyway, we call ourselves that despite the fact that it doesn't make total sense. Like our husbands don't have second wives, so we are really the only wives, but we are trying to sound cute like the movie and the book and well, The Wives' Club just doesn't have the same ring to it.

But I was talking to one of the other members of this club and we were basically discussing our re-initiation into living at home. With our beloved husbands. And how we need to try to not just take over right away. I mean, they've been taking care of home for a while now, holding down the fort, so to speak, so it wouldn't be right for us to come in and all of the sudden take over.

Except I am sure there are a few things Drew would be more than happy to let me take over. Cleaning out the kitty litter comes to mind. As does cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping. Oh, and laundry, too. I bet he could stand to allow me to have my way over any and all of the above. He shares like that.

But for over a year and a half now we've had no real sense of normalcy.

The time we've spent together has been him visiting me while I was working or me back at home with him working. It will be interesting to find our pace together. To do things like tell each other See you soon and not be referring to the same kind of time frame the Bible talks about when speaking of Jesus' return. I mean, if anybody can use the word soon loosely it's the Guy who's been alive literally forever. The Guy for whom a thousand years is a drop in the bucket. So I don't blame God for saying soon and maybe meaning in the next millennia or so; He's so old that it makes sense coming from Him.

But me? I'd like my use of the word soon to be well, actually soon. Like today. Like in the next few minutes or so, even.

Would you like me to use it in a sentence?

Sure thing.

Jessica is so excited because she gets to go home from tour soon.

Like in four days soon.

And I am excited to see what my new normal--our new normal--will look like.


kathiek said...

I'm sure you'll hit your stride in no time, Jess. :-]

James Ricardo The Actor said...

You "First Wives" are very smart, and good call on your part! I look forward to reading your blog, and exploring your new found love for being HOME!

Mandy and Jack said...

I'm so glad you get to go home soon. I know you've been looking forward to it for a long time. I'll be praying for your quick transition to normalcy! A wonderful, perfect, laugh-till-you-cry, make-faces-at-each-other, laying-in-bed-talking-way-too-late-at-night normal.

Michele said...

Maybe part of normal will be a Pilates Class??? :)

Jessica Latshaw said...

absolutely, MIchele--if there's the interest!

Michele said...

And Jess, I don't know if you go to the gym or not, but there's a Planet Fitness on Marrows Road that's only $10 month - no strings! We could go together! :)

Jessica Latshaw said...

Oh great! I was wondering what I was going to do about the gym--$10 a month is a great deal! I think that's what I'll do then; and I'd love to go with you:)