Wednesday, November 25, 2009

on the road to blonde

I woke up today with one clear thought.

And lately I've been inundated with many many questions, so this divergence was a relief.

The thought?

Gonna go blonde.

And so I called up a nearby Aveda salon and asked when they could take me. One o'clock came quickly and I walked in with my dark hair.

You really wanna go blonde? the salon owner asked, With those eyes?

Yep, I said with determination, I need a change.

And more of a change than the five pounds I've lost in the last week.

Well I can't guarantee that you will walk out of here platinum blonde today, he told me, But we can start.

And I appreciate a straight shooter.

Four and a half hours and a few varying shades of red later, this is how I walked out.
And I like it.
But it's a two-part process. I am going back on Tuesday and we're gonna make this hair blonde, darn it.
But for now it's a change, and I'll take it.

The owner also told me that he was wrong about my eyes; apparently they work with lighter hair also, is what he indicated.

Yep, I see just fine no matter what color my hair is.


kathiek said...

I like the red, Jess! I guess it's no surprise that I would like that color, but it does look good on you. We can't change everything, but we can change the may not be a big thing, but it can perk you up.

James Ricardo The Actor said...

The red is awesome!!!!!! Blonde will look great, but I truly love the red!!!! WOW, so stunning boo! HAPPY TURKEY DAY BTW!

sarah said...

i love it!!!! you are so pretty and look beautiful with dark hair, red hair..any color hair!!!

Anonymous said...

i love it red!

merry said...

It looks great! You look beautiful.

peaj said...

Wowzy! Quite amazing!

Lady Leth said...

I love!!! The cut is cute too! I don't know that I've ever seen you red---but it's a winner.

Mom said...

You'd look beautiful even bald!!!!!

Mandy and Jack said...


Jessica Latshaw said...

thanks, all--you're very kind.

Pop said...

Yes! Very nice change!