Thursday, November 26, 2009

you can hold on

Sometimes you hang on a rope swing. And when you look like a little boy, you don't mind so much.

Because at least you're hanging onto something.
And the fact that the rope is burning and your legs are shaking from the effort is just more evidence.

Of the fact that you're alive.
That you're a fighter.
And that you're scrappy.
Even when you don't quite feel like you are.

Even when you face opposition.
Who seems to think that they are bigger and badder than they really are.
Who would benefit greatly from a bath, a tender touch, and maybe a massage.

A massage? you wonder.

Yes, a massage. Because you think you've heard it all but then your hair stylist mentions that he knows a dog masseuse who makes $80 an hour and has at least three clients a day and doesn't that just beat all?

It beats most, at least.

And always, always there's a door up ahead.

It might be red because that's your favorite color or it might be less obvious than that but the point is that it's there.

It's a door that leads to better things and even though you have to eventually let go of that rope swing because nobody can live their life suspended in the air, you can hold onto hope.

And you will.


beingawesome said...

that last paragraph.. was probably one of most beautiful things you have ever written on this blog..

i also hold out for that hope.. a lot of people make fun of me for it.. but that will never stop me from holding on to that rope.. whatever it may be.

hope you had a good thanksgiving..

Emily said...

amazing perspective, Jess!

James Ricardo The Actor said...

you gave me chills!

merry said...

That was beautiful, Jess. You are a fighter. Also, as a side note...animal massage therapy is extremely lucrative. Equine, feline, can make big bucks.

jason said...

Merry can you be an animal massage therapist? Seems like you'd love that!

Michele said...

I hope you know how precious you are!

kathiek said...

Standing and hanging onto hope with you. Bless you, Jess.

sarah said...

beautiful post! i admire you so much..

Lady Leth said...

I agree with the others--beautiful thoughts. I love that red door. I have found, that at times when I have been in the darkest of dark, I will see or hear something that is beautiful, and I somehow know that I am not alone. Weird, but true.