Sunday, November 8, 2009


*Edited due to my offending some people with a joke I quoted. I apologize to those of you who read it and were offended*

Sometimes I wouldn't mind if our physical therapists were not exactly lookers.

Because now I have a rib injury.

I know, I know, it was so fun last time, I figured just once more before the tour was out. For old times' sake. And lucky for me, despite the fact that there really isn't much time left on this tour, I managed to squeeze it in. Never too busy for the things that are really important, I guess.

But the rib in question is in a sensitive area.


The kind of area that is not ever up for grabs. Or at least, since I've been touring solo and my husband is at home, not lately.

Ahem, ahem.

So I go in to see the physical therapist here this afternoon cause I'm not gonna lie, my rib is giving me a lot of pain during the show. I mean, a whole heck of a lot. And imagine my joy at seeing that he is young, like maybe 30. Fit. And oh shoot, are those big blue eyes, too? Great, just great.

But he's totally professional, of course. And we start talking about my rib and he is stretching me and asking if this hurts and if that hurts and then we are talking a little about the Eagles since I am wearing their tee and how poor McNabb broke his rib at the beginning of the season and everything is going well until he mentions that he is going to try taping it.

Like, now.

And it's not extremely awkward because he's a medical professional and I am a dancer and this is just what happens sometimes. But it's in a sensitive area, as I said, and well, let's just say the whole thing would have been less awkward for me if he was maybe the ripe old age of 80. And blind. Or better yet, a sweet grandmotherly figure.

Who just so happens to know a lot about the Eagles.


jason said...

Yeah, these medical things are always strange. I remember a time when I had to get a certain sensitive area checked by a medical professional for reasons I shall not go into. I knew that I had to get the initial check by a nurse, and I joked to Darby that "well of course they're always like 60 years old, overweight and dowdy, not like in the movies."

And yes, in this case I was right. Except she had a intern from medical school who was shadowing her. And she was, let us know, not bad on the eyes.


jason said...

"let us say," not "let us know."

I don't even know what "let us know" would mean.

Jessica Latshaw said...

ha. let us know.

It could mean just exactly how it sounds--let us all know that you didn't think this particular intern was bad on the eyes.

James Ricardo The Actor said...

WOW, Jess that is awkward! And our P.T. this week was so Amazing and handsome! But you are right he is a professional! I hope the tape on the rib, felt better through out the show!

Jessica Latshaw said...

JR--I know he was so great. And yes, handsome! And I don't know if the tape helped a ton but maybe it did something. The thing is, it just hurts to do that opening right now and I don't know if there is anything that's gonna change that except for some time...sigh...:)

beingawesome said...

When I have these moments.. *the whole squeeze and cough comes to mind.. * I hope for the same thing. I actually strangely enough would rather have an old dude do it.. than the way that it was.. a 20 something, fairly attractive lady doctor :(.. *sigh*.. oh my fun little world I live in.

I try to always go by the old phrase... it's nothing that they haven't said before.

Mandy and Jack said...

I love this post. I hate those moments too!! Granted, I don't do a lot of physical activity in the family of placing the bottom of my foot against the back of my head, but still. Ugh.

Speaking of your Eagles, how DID they do against my Cowboys last night? ;-)

merry said...
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merry said...
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merry said...

yeah, that is embarrassing. I think I would also been pretty embarrassed if I would have been in that pastor's congregation. Nothing like being told that being overweight is unattractive by your pastor.

Michele said...

All safe on the secretary homefront - almost 50 years old and definitely 50lbs overweight :) Speaking of hot therapists though - don't you feel bad for being sick? Like you want to be in your best shape for the little cutie? :)

Jessica Latshaw said...

Hey Merry, I am truly sorry for offending you. That was not my intent at all. You are very beautiful and extremely attractive. My point was just that the whole having to be felt up by a young handsome guy is awkward--but I can see how repeating that joke hurt you and I am sorry.

Jessica Latshaw said...

p.s. I edited out the offensive joke and again, I apologize for any hurt it cause anyone.

Mom said...

Hey, Jase.....sometimes counselors are "almost 60, overweight, and dowdy!"

And it's actually a plus because I can say things that the 20 somethings can't.

So I'm not's a good thing!

Mom said...

I like my doctors to be always female and I'd prefer older and more experienced.