Wednesday, November 4, 2009

nice. mostly.

It's amazing how you feel when you come down from the mountains.

That sentence could mean so many different things, I realize, but what I am referring to is the wonderful fact that we are no longer singing and dancing in dry air and high altitudes.

Really, it actually makes a difference. I wasn't struggling to catch my breath during the finale tonight and it dawned on me: we are no longer in the mountains. Only I thought it with more excitement as I realized that it meant the show wouldn't be so hard anymore:


So, this is nice.

You know what else is nice?

Thai food.

It seems that every time I go out to eat lately (which believe it or not, is not actually that often; I tend to eat many PB&J's, many bowls of cereal, and many bananas), it is for Thai food. And I don't mind at all. Tonight in Vancouver it was a place called Khai. And it served Thai food. I thought that was funny. But I didn't say anything. Because when Adam Sandler's character in the Wedding Singer starts to laugh over Glenn's last name, Gulia, and how that will effectively make Julia Julia Gulia, Glenn didn't seem to find the humor in it. So yeah, I didn't mention the whole Khai serving Thai food thing to the people who worked there.

But I love pad thai, especially. And it's really good because it always makes two whole meals for me. I eat half in the restaurant and then box it up and take it home and voila! I have dinner too.

And the last thing I will mention because it goes along with the theme of nice because it's honest and honesty is usually nice, is that the pan handlers here in Vancouver are super honest. I mean, you gotta give them props for that, at least.

Ian and I were walking home from the theater tonight and we passed a guy who said, Hey can you please give me some money so I can buy weed?

And I am sorry, but I laughed.
Out loud.
I totally LOL'd.

It took me by surprise, I guess. And no, I didn't give him money, but well, he didn't try to scam me with some story about his pregnant wife and how he just lost his job when the truth is he only ever had a girlfriend and that was back in high school and they only talked about marriage once and that was because he wanted to get into her pants but no, they never did marry and he could get a job, but why work when he could just as easily ask passersby for money so he could buy some weed?

And I appreciate the fact that I didn't have to wonder if he was telling me the truth.

Because that gets old.

And two things that were definitely not nice?

The two different times I saw two different men peeing on the side of the street.


And we've come so far. Humanity, that is. I mean, we have these little seats with holes in them now that you can totally do your business in. That's actually exactly what they are for. They even have doors so you don't have to make your business everybody else's business.

Just a thought. Or maybe a reminder.


Mom said...

Thai food is so good! Especially pad thai. Thanks, Jase, for introducing me to that.

I wonder how much money the panhandler actually gets since he is honest? I might reward him just for his honesty.

12 days and counting!

BTW, I LOVE your hair in the profile pic. But, then again, you'd be beautiful if you were bald.

James Ricardo The Actor said...

I love Thai food, and will have to find out the place to go here! YAY!

And Can I borrow some money for some weed? Is the funniest thing I ever heard! Honesty to a whole new level! LOL

Jessica Latshaw said...

Eek--I knew I spelled Thai wrong! I am gonna go back and fix it as soon as I finish this comment:)

Mom--I wonder the same thing about the guy asking for money for weed. Maybe a lot of people just give it to him because at the very least he is a straight shooter. And you love my hair?!?! Did I read that right??? It must be because it is finally getting a bit longer (and I will have to mark this day in my calender:))...

JR--you gotta try this Thai place near the theater--I can tell you where it is if you want. It's cozy, adorable, and delicious; you'd love it!

Mandy and Jack said...

Hehehehehehehe. I would have laughed out loud too.

sarah said...

jess..i love thai food so much too:) and that is too funny about that guy!!! it's so great that you'll be home soon:)

beingawesome said...

ya know.. unfortunately i've see a guy doing something in an alley in the city that was much worse than peeing.... i had to hold in my lunch... it was disgusting.

Mama Bear said...

I met that guy too or at least a guy just as honest as he is. Years ago, when I was in Vancouver for work this nice young pan handler asked me for money so he too could buy weed. There was also a nice drunk pan handler who asked me for money for beer. Also, have you noticed that Vancouver has the best dressed homeless people that you have ever seen?

Oh and now I want Thai food!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Rob--I don't think I even want to know...!

Jamie--it must be their angle in Vancouver, huh?

Mandy--it's not so much that drugs are funny, but when you put it that way, how can you not laugh?

Sarah--I know, I can hardly believe it's a week and a half now. WHAT?!