Sunday, November 1, 2009

a three hour tour

So we had to wade through two whole shows today in order to put on the costumes that we had really been anticipating.

For me, it was Marianne of Gilligan's Island fame.

And Marianne wouldn't exactly be Marianne without the whole crew, now would she? But we decided to go with a twist, it being the holiday that is and all.

So we were Gilligan's Island, dead.

Like, we never made it off the island and here's how the story ended.

And here we are:
  • Gilligan (tragically drowned, trying to swim his way off that island).
  • Marianne (eventually succumbed to starvation; I guess the professor used the last coconut to fashion one of his famous radios that unbelievably worked but couldn't actually aid them in getting off the island).
  • Ginger, the movie star (substance abuse, folks.).
  • Mr. Howell (...eaten by a zombie and then became a zombie...and yikes).
  • Mrs. Howell (eaten alive by spiders).
  • The Professor (blown up by one of his own science experiments gone awry).
  • Skipper (not shown because we ate him--and this was before Marianne starved to death, of course).
Now don't you feel so sorry for us? Poor Mrs. Howell was beside herself all evening and could only manage to murmur over and over again, Beware of three hour tours...!

And I would have to concur.

But being dead didn't get us down too much.

I mean, we were still a pretty lively bunch.
And managed to have a great time.

Even if we waited an hour in the cold for a cab that never did show up and finally just hopped into the car of a total stranger who offered to drive us home for a fee of $15. We were so tired and freezing by that point that he probably could have offered us a ride home by way of a three hour tour and we still would have hopped in without a moment's hesitation.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

Oh, and in case you wondered, that skirt will promptly be going to one of my nieces because yes, I realize it is far too tiny to wear again. Once was enough, thank you.


Mandy and Jack said...

Oh my gosh! That's so cute! And a little morbid! But really, really cute!

jason said...

You all should write an off-broadway musical using these characters and the story of their demise... "The Curse of Gilligan's Island!"

Jessica Latshaw said...

Thanks, Mandy!

And Jase--perhaps YOU should write that up!!!

Rika said...

Excellent costumes! :D I like the "dead" twist- very original :)

Rika said...

Oh, and I read your response to my other comment - I'm in Maine, hon ;) I won't be seeing you any time soon, sadly. :\

Jessica Latshaw said...

Erika--I am sorry--I've been gone a long time! Maine is lovely, though--I love it there:)