Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'll for sure think twice about riding something called Hades again.

This is just dumb.


Or like my friend Jordan said, maybe God just wants me to rest for a minute.


But I still say it's dumb.

See, while at Mt. Olympus Amusement Park yesterday I innocently got onto a roller coaster (Hades, to be specific, which probably should have been my first clue) and sat right next to a friend. At one of the more energetic twists, all of my friend's body weight slammed right into my ribcage and effectively crunched me between himself and the car.

And cracked a rib.

Another unfortunate part was that I was having a really fun time on the coaster right before that moment. Like, we had just taken a huge dip and I was feeling my heart kind of leave my body, you know? It was thrilling. But then I felt like my ribs were leaving my body and couldn't breathe and was just immersed in pain and was still being freaking jostled by that stupid roller coaster!!!

When all I wanted to do was breathe.

And when I finally could breathe again, I still didn't feel so good.

Everything was hurting. Well, maybe not everything, but breathing. And walking. And laying down. And getting up. And opening a door. And coughing.

But I guess thinking was pain free, which was nice.

Anyway, once I got to Milwaukee today I saw a doctor and he said I fractured my rib. The good news, he said, was that I couldn't really make it any worse at this point.

Short of maybe another go round with Hades and my friend, I suppose.

Basically I can do whatever I want, as long as I can take the pain. Which leads me to believe that maybe I will be back in the show tomorrow. And yes, I can be a very optimistic person.

So tonight, while everyone else is opening the show here in Milwaukee, I am chilling in one of my favorite vintage Eagle's t-shirts and contemplating attending the cast party in a few hours.

Sans the tee, of course.


Mama Bear said...

If you can handle the dancing/standing/walking/leaping in those high heels, you can take a little fractured rib!

Natalie said...

Sorry to hear about the rib, Jessica! I sit here resisting the urge to sort of grab my own ribs in a futile protective measure as I type this.

BTW- officially following you on Twitter. I'm hellomuchbetter :-)

jason said...

That sounds truly horrific! Who was the friend? Must be great on his/her ego that his/her "full weight" crushed you. Remember when Stephen Jackson hugged Jan Dunn and cracked her rib?

"Sans the tee, of course," sounds like maybe you are planning on going to the party topless.

Mom said...

Hey Jase---I was telling people yesterday about what happened to Jan too when Jackson broke several of her ribs! And all he was doing was hugging her! But he was a very big man and she is little.

Jess--Pop so much relates to what you are going through. Remember when he fell off the deck and broke a couple of ribs? It's VERY painful!

I hope you heal very quickly!

peaj said...

Poor thing! I've heard how terribly painful that is, but I've never had the "joy" of experiencing it myself. I pray that you feel more sporty soon.

I am reminded by what that doctor who wanted you to eat more hamburgers said to you: You are very small.

Maybe you should wear a little cage around you when you go on roller coasters.

Just Mom said...

Yow! I sure hope you recover quickly.

Just stopped by to thank you for the comment you left on my blog.

Jessica Latshaw said...

jase-no need to worry about my plan to go topless since I fell asleep anyway and apparently missed out on some great food. Oh well. And I will tell you who did it, but not on here since he feels badly enough about it already!

Natalie--thanks for following me!!!

Jamie--I suppose you have a point there;-)

Mom--I do remember that and I am grateful that it isn't a couple of ribs with me!

Peaj--do you know where these cage are for sale?

Jessica Latshaw said...

And Just Mom-thank you for thanking me, but it was my pleasure!

John said...

who's big fat body was ramming into your petite little frame? What ogre was it, kevin's gone...brandon?

I think you should have the rib removed, BBQ it and eat it. I hear they can me tender, juicy AND delicious!!

Nina said...

That's awful, Jess! I can't imagine performing under those circumstances. Wait...I can't actually imagine performing under any circumstances!

Hope you heal quickly.

Jonathan Latshaw said...

Terrible Jess! This kind of reminds of the time when you and Jase were crushing me on that ride when we were little and I was crying and screaming and they HAD TO STOP THE RIDE?

Jessica Latshaw said...

ha! I actually thought of that too and wondered if you would mention it!

Too bad they didn't stop the ride for me;(

Mom said...

Jonathan~ I remember so well the look of stark terror on your face as your siblings squashed you on the ride. Wasn't that in Ocean City, MD? Maybe that's why we never go there. Too traumatic for all of us!

peaj said...

Rib protection

kathiek said...

Jess, I am so sorry that happened! I hope you are managing well, under the circumstances. I am praying for a quick, complete healing, for no further injuries, and for grace and peace.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Peaj--I'll see about getting that for the next coaster I ride and maybe even shimmying it under my leotard for the show!!!

Kathie--I appreciate that;-)