Sunday, June 28, 2009

pesky rib, take two

Yesterday was trying.

As in I was trying to do the show after something in my rib cage popped.

Yes, popped.

I was on stage for the opening, just stretching. My rib had been feeling better, so I was maybe not being as tentative, when mid-stretch, I felt something pop followed by immediate pain.


My eyes filled with tears because it hurt so much. People were telling me not to do the jazz combination but my group was first and it made no sense to me to simply stand by idly and watch. I did it, but very very safely and small. I went alll the way through my scene, sang my song, and again it was done mutedly because I was trying to move my torso as little as possible.

My understudy went in about half way through the show; must have been interesting for the audience to see Kristine go from a tall brunette with cropped hair to a much shorter blonde with long hair.

Went to the ER and got to spend about three hours with Milwaukee's finest. They took x-rays and the good news is that there is no major
break; could be a hairline fracture or damaged cartilage, but it will heal so long as I do no heavy lifting or strenuous activity.

So there goes all my fun for this week.

Guess while I'm at the beach with my family I'm just gonna have to relax. And Drew's just gonna have to lug all my heavy stuff. Shoot.

I also got a sexy rib belt. Not exactly couture, but it does add some support that I'm not about to turn down right now. The man who put it on me in the hospital put it over my shirt. Over it. So I looked like a mummy or something. Yeah, that wasn't gonna work for me, so as soon as
he left I pulled my shirt right back over it.

Mummy problem solved.

Okay, gotta board my flight. Oh, and I got an upgrade to 1st class for $9...not bad at all.

And almost home...


James Ricardo The Actor said...

Take care of yourself and your rib! I know that pain all too well. Have fun at the Beach! And Drew get to lifting! LOL!!!!!! MUCH LOVE, See ya in Dallas!

Emily said...

timing is not bad, since you have some time off... heal quickly!

Emily said...

except for the whole middle of your show timing, I mean!

jason said...

I can't help it. As long as you're wearing some kind of protective device, I kind of want you to look like this:

kathiek said...

It was great to see you, Jess! Have fun, carefully, at the beach. Be well.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Jase--if THAT is what you expect, you are going to be bitterly disappointed when you see me tomorrow!

JR--thanks for the love; you are the best!

Emily--I know, the timing is great since I have this week off and will not be riding any roller coasters OR doing ACL. At all.

Kathie-always lovely to see you!!!

Collin and Lindsay said...

Jessica, that sounds SO painful! Ugh. I hope it feels a lot better after resting this week.