Thursday, June 4, 2009

please let me find it, please let me find it, please let me find it.

I have nowhere else to look.

Not unless I stuck it in some book for safekeeping.

But I have so many books that the thought of flipping through each and every page is overwhelming.

But so is the thought of not having my license.

Um, either my driver's license or my marriage license.

And right now, renewing the former hinges upon me procuring the latter and presenting it to the social security administration.

This is so not what I intended for my vacation, but life happens. And one thing I have learned about life is that it involves many many important papers that have a way of disappearing like they are a part of some magician's act.

I only wish I had the skills to make them reappear.

But I am not really a magician.


I mean in the scale of important papers, this is like up there, right? It warrants a special place, maybe even a folder of some sort. Perhaps even one of those accordion files. Actually, we do have a few of them and though we saw fit to tab each one with apropos titles such as legal and pay stubs and words that rhyme with meander (salamander, in case you wondered), we don't have one marked with the only category I care to see right now:

Jessica And Drew's Marriage License Which is Fitting Proof Why Copeland Should Now Be On Her Driver's License Even Though She Didn't Actually Change Her Name With Social Security At The Time She Got Married Like She Should Have (and by the way, she regrets not doing that)

Who knows, maybe we did try to write that on the tab but ran out of room and gave up and then decided that it would be a better idea to just stick our marriage license in a completely forgettable spot and then surprise surprise, promptly forget where that spot is.

Oh, and I cannot even just renew my license with the name Latshaw because when I first moved to DE right when I got married I brought my marriage license to the DMV to prove my change of name and had the bright idea to print all three names, Jessica Latshaw Copeland (without a hyphen, thankyouverymuch; I'm really not a hyphen girl) on it. But because I didn't sync that with Social Security, I now have to present my marriage license to them so that when the DMV looks me up they have the same name on file.

Which would be no problem at all if I could only find it...

So now I have to carry around my passport to board planes and show that I'm of age and the only very bad thing about that is that I absolutely hate that picture.

Vain, true, but there you go.

And my passport only has Latshaw so all the upcoming flights I have booked under the name Copeland may be a problem.

And there's nothing vain about that, so now you can go ahead and feel good and sorry for me as you recognize that I have really gotten myself into a pickle this time.

But, there are some good things that have happened today despite the fruitless wait at the DMV and the Social Security office, as well as the search for the missing marriage license that has been a bust so far.

While searching, I ran into a bag of peanut M&M's that I didn't know I had.

I also found an itunes gift card that I had apparently forgotten.

I came across an old letter from a girlfriend of Drew's from high school that made me laugh. Her ultimatum for him to either accept the fact that she smokes or just decide to break up with her was quite to the point, I must say. And I'll have to ask him what he did.

And I got to spend some quality time with this little guy.
Meet Desmond, the golden doodle and newest edition to Jonathan and Rebekah's (my brother and sister-in-law) family. He's adorable and I couldn't get enough of him!

And now I hope and pray that God drops the marriage license in my lap tomorrow...

Cause seriously, folks, that passport picture is busted.

Oh, and it's my marriage license, so it's kind of a big deal.


jason said...

Jessica -

Call these guys and get a copy of your marriage license there!

Pennsylvania Vital Records:

Division of Vital Records
State Department of Health
Central Building
101 South Mercer Street, Room 401
P.O. Box 1528
New Castle, PA 16101
Phone: (724) 656-3100

What You Need to Know:
Check or money order should be made payable to Division of Vital Records. Personal checks are accepted. Call or visit the Web site to verify current fees. All requests for 1906 and later records MUST include the signature and photo ID of the individual requesting the record. The online request service is not available for genealogy requests.

kathiek said...

I hope you find everything, Jess. You should probably get an extra copy anyway, to keep in a safe deposit box at home...just to be on the safe side.

(Jase, you are such a good big brother!)


K-Ro! said...

Hey girl
Say the St. Anthony prayer. It works for me every time!

St Anthony St Anthony please come around
Something is lost and can not be found
If you shall find it on your way
Please drop it off right away

Amen :)

James Ricardo The Actor said...

Oh No!!!! I feel your pain, I just lost my ATM card this week. It has been stressful, cause in this day in age with Fraud. I have to wait 7 buisness days for them to send to my mom, then she has to send it out to the tour to me. I have no access to my money for awhile..Cause my bank is only in NYC. Therefore living on credit cards. UGH! Well, I hope this makes you feel better. LOL..And I hope you find it, or things resolve for you...

peaj said...

Might you, maybe, have given it to someone else to hold whose life was a little more stable (location-wise) at the time?

Like, maybe your parents?

Jess said...

Thanks for the info, jase--and the suggestions, friends--but the good news is that my mom located a copy of it at put church--YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Collin and Lindsay said...

Oh, good! That is such great news. I hope the rest of the process goes smoothly.

yosiah brown said...

what's a "put church?"
thats great!
i think EVERYTIME i needed my birth certificate i had to get a new one...

Jessica Latshaw said...

it's a typo--I meant "our" church--there's that touch screen Iphone again!!!

kathiek said...

I'm glad everything turned out well, Jess!

Mom said...

For everyone's info: if you've lost your marriage license, the minister who married you HAS to be by law have a license on file.

Karenkool said...

Did you have one of those bridal books with the guest list and memories about showers and gifts and yada yada? Maybe the marriage cert is in there. I think that's where mine is, which is kind of stupid because that book is packed away in the attic somewhere. Just a thought.

Jessica Latshaw said...

that is a great thought, Karen--but I don't have one bridal book to my name...Hopefully I will do better when we start having kids--you know, have a baby book, at least;-)

Mandy and Jack said...

Oh my gosh. This made me laugh. I'm glad you found it. Come to think of it, I'm not really sure where mine is. But that's not new for me...

On our wedding day, I was about to head out the door to the ceremony, hair all up, dress in hand, when it occurred to me to grab the marriage license. I went back inside, looked where I thought it was, and it wasn't there. After a little bit of searching, I decided I didn't have time and left, calling my mom and asking her to look for it before she had to come.

My mom, well, she's a freak. If you want to REALLY mess with her, you ask her to look for something that may or may not actually exist any more. She never gives up. Ever.

So when she couldn't find the marriage license, she went cah-razy. I called her when we were supposed to start taking pictures, and she was freaking out and crying. At that point I'd given up, not really concerned about it any more. I knew we'd find it eventually. I told her to just go ahead and come to the wedding. So we didn't have a license at all at our wedding.

We found it the next day in a box I had packed for the move. (Because obviously THAT was the optimal place for me to put it.) Then we had to mail it of to our pastor (he lives in East Texas and had already gone home)

So, I guess technically we weren't really married until a few weeks after our wedding. We're such sinners. :)

Jessica Latshaw said...

that. is. scandalous.


And if "by found it" you mean that we eventually had to borrow the copy the church has and never did actually locate ours, then yes--I am so glad we found it too!!!