Tuesday, June 9, 2009

columbus. a show. a cookie. or two.

Back to work today.

But really, it's okay.

Quite honestly, it's fun to see the people I work with again. And to do my job. And to have a job.

Also, it doesn't hurt that Drew is coming out to Columbus this Saturday--a mere four days since having to say good-bye today.

And why is Drew coming out to Columbus, you ask?

Oh, you didn't?


Well, I will tell you anyway.

Other than wanting to spend every second of his life with his fantastic wife, Drew is coming out to Columbus to play a show with me and my friend Clyde. This Sunday night, we are doing mostly original music (with a few covers thrown in) at James' Club 88 Piano Bar.

It's going to be a great time and I am psyched for the opportunity.

But sad that most (if not all) of my east coast friends will not be able to attend.

And after waking up early, flying to Ohio (in a plane, but still), sound checking, doing a show, and attending an opening night party, I must say that I am utterly exhausted.

There are a few things that are flitting around in my head now, asking to be written, but I will simply go with the most obvious. I am currently staying at a Double Tree Hotel and if you didn't know, they hand out chocolate chip cookies from the front desk like it's Christmas. And not just any cookies, either.

Warm cookies.

I have already had two. And I haven't even spent one night here yet.

All I have to say is that it is a very good thing I am not here longer than one week.

Oh, and one more thing. I just saw a commercial for this stuff that promises to grow your eyelashes. Okay, cool. Sounds good, right? Wait. What about that part they slip in at the end of the add in which they warn you that the substance could actually change the color of your irises?

Your irises!!!

Like, the window to your soul.

All you want is some sensibly longer eyelashes and all of the sudden the window to your soul is a different color.

Not worth it, not in my opinion.

Keep your eye color. Wear mascara.

It really can do wonders for those blond tips.


peaj said...

Is it hard coming back after a week off? I mean, not hard as in it is tough to leave Drew, but hard as in you're out of practice?

Also, it might be cool to have gold or even blue eyes, but I wouldn't really care for yellow or institutional green eyes. So I guess I'll stick with mascara.

Mama Bear said...

you know what else they say at the end of that commercial...that if you stop taking it your new thick and long lashes will fall out, peel and go back to how they were so you have to take it for life.

kathiek said...

I have seen that commercial and was arrested by that rather startling comment about the possible color change of your irises! I missed the eyelashes falling out, though. No thanks! I will keep my own blue irises (I am partial to them) and my nearly invisible, stubby eyelashes (there is always mascara and even false eyelashes), thank you very much!

It's like the medicine advertised on television that helps you not pee too much...but it can give you diarrhea!!

peaj said...

Gee, why do you need medicine to stop from peeing so much? Just don't drink so much beer. ;-)

beingawesome said...

Hey Jess,

I'm really gonna try hard to come see either ACL or the piano bar show. Considering you're only a REALLY quick drive from where I live. *a little under an hour and a half*

Jessica Latshaw said...

Peaj--it IS hard. Just because you feel out of it from not doing for so long after having done it 8 times a week for seemingly forever. But now that the first show is done, it should be fine!

Mamabear--ugh--didn't even hear that part--sounds horrible!!!


Peaj--I hardly drink any beer at all. BUt maybe that comment wasn't just for me;-)

Rob--that would be AMAZING!!!!

James Ricardo The Actor said...


Jessica Latshaw said...

Thanks, JR--and yeah, I gotta put something up about it on the call board!!!

Karenkool said...

What does the hubby do or play? It sounds like a great life--even though it seems hard too. But interesting none the less.

Now about the eye color change. Weird. Could it turn your eyes yellow or better yet--RED? hahaha

The comment about meds that help you pee less but could cause diarrea!!! That was CLASSIC!!! hahahah.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Kool--I know, that comment was hilarious and those meds seem to me like two steps forward and three steps back, to say the least!

With Drew it's more like what DOESN'T he play?! He grew up playing brass and went to Temple University for the euphonium (which is an instrument I had never even heard of before I met him). He was the ONLY student there who majored in the euphonium and they had to stick him with the tuba players just so he felt like he had classmates! So basically he plays anything brass but also plays bass, piano, guitar, and a fierce djembe.

His ability to read music and grasp on theory is something of which I am in awe, since I am a more "feeler and player by ear" of music, so to speak!

And yes, this life is certainly interesting;-)