Monday, June 1, 2009

normal, for now anyway.

Yeah, I thought the same thing at first.I thought that somewhere between the time I left Drew to start rehearsing for ACL and now he had become a wizard.

Or a Jedi.

So you can imagine my relief when I found out that he had simply bought himself a slanket.

Or disappointment.

Home is every bit as lovely as I expected. The flight here was just an hour and I had to pretend like I wasn't completely enthralled by the fact that nobody was seated next to me on the plane. Then I had to pretend like it wasn't the best thing that has happened to me on a plane in a very long time when I got to lay down.

I got a little lost trying to find Drew after I retrieved my luggage from baggage claim. Once the attendant told me that I was standing and waiting in departures, however, things became clearer. Considering I had just arrived, I quickly got myself over to arrivals and then we found each other.

Go figure.

Drew and I got to have such a normal, married couple night.

I mean--it was exhilarating. Just to amble an evening away, hand in hand, being stupid or silly or hungry or whatever but the point was we were together.

I was lucky enough to get some balloons at the Melting Pot.
And the fondu wasn't the only thing that was dipped tonight, either.

And please, just look at the picture because that is the only thing to which I am referring.


kathiek said...

Okay...yay, you're home! Yay you're with Drew! Yay, you got to eat at the Melting Pot (LOVE that place)! Yay, it's almost your birthday and you'll be able to celebrate it at home!

Now that we got all that out of the way, may I just the bag, Jess!

Blessings on your head, my sweet friend!

jason said...

Who took these pictures, anyway? And could you possibly pack any more innuendo into a post?

Jessica Latshaw said...

thanks, Kathie--just got the bag tonight! So excited about it cause I have been lugging around this huge purse and have been really wanting to downsize lately. thanks for noticing;-)

Jase--what other innuendo is there other than the last thing?

And we have now hired a photographer to follow us around...But when he can't make it, we just use the timer;-)

peaj said...

Yay for both of you!

I love the classy leg lift.

And jase just finds slankets to be full of innuendo for some reason.

Mom said...

oh, yes! I love it when a married couple spends time together!

Christian said...

So glad you are home Jess!

James Ricardo The Actor said...

I'm glad your home safe!!! And I'm also glad you and the chocolate got dipped!!! Amazing! You look so happy!!!! We will miss ya this week at ACL! Your blogs make my morning smile! THANKS!

Collin and Lindsay said...

I am still laughing about the slanket. That is SO funny. I hope you have so much fun at home, and have a happy birthday! If you were here in Kenya, it would only be 2 and a half hours until your birthday. But, you sound pretty happy at home with Drew, so you probably don't mind waiting.

Jessica Latshaw said...

THanks everyone! And thanks for the birthday wishes, Lindsay!!!

jason said...

"Jessica on the road" blogs more regularly than "Jessica at home." HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Jessica Latshaw said...

"Jessica at home" didn't get home till late last night and was too tired to blog after her surprise party...but thanks for the bday wishes!!!

Natalie said...

I take it your birthday's today-ish? Happy birthday!

Loving Drew's slanket (I have a Snuggie. It's blue. There's a long story behind why I have one. What's Drew's?)

The pictures are adorable. Enjoy you time at home!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Thanks, Natalie!

I am not quite sure about the story behind Drew's slanket but I know it did involve his researching the stats of both the slanket and the snuggie and found that (for him, at least) the slanket was the winner.

And yes, he might have too much time on his hands;-)

(kdding, drew--I know you don't!)