Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fletch and how I met Mckmama

First things first.

Last night and tonight there is a man named Fletch staying with us. He is an actor-turned-law-student who is currently bicycling cross country to raise money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids and happened to meet up with us while we were here in Minneapolis.

No, I didn't know him before yesterday.

Yes, one of my roommates did.


He is nice, though, and if you want to donate to his cause you can go here.

If you don't want to donate to his cause but would like to know what the man looks like who is currently sleeping wedged under a large window right outside my bedroom door, you can still go here.

Oh, and I met a blogger celebrity today.

Like, for real.

How did I meet Mckmama, you might wonder?

Well, it turns out that the doctor who takes care of her sweet son Stellan is a big fan of theater. He came to see our show here at the Orpheum and apparently raved about it--or so Mckmama said. Anyway, from a few comments I had left on her blog as well as the picture of our cast with her son's name that I had sent to her blog, she put two and two together that I was in the show that this doctor loved so much.

So she tweeted me.

That's right, I said tweeted.

For those of you who don't know what twitter is, just trust me that it is yet another form of digital communication and I find it pretty fun, actually.

Anyway, Mckmama asked me to email her, said she needed to talk to me.

Now she is quite literally famous within the blogosphere, so I was a little star struck to get that tweet...Turns out that she wanted to know if we could put our heads together for her to do something special for her son Stellan's doctor.

I offered to get a cast poster, have all of us sign it, with a special message for the doctor of course and bam! she swung by the Orpheum after my first show today and we did the drop.

I even got to see Stellan. Who looks incredibly healthy and is glowing with joy.

So that's how I got to meet Mckmama. I've loved reading her blog for a long time and prayed for her son often, as well.

You never quite know what life is going to bring, do you?

Now on to Wisconsin tomorrow...


mom said...

How exciting that you met Stellan!

kathiek said...

Very cool!

Have fun in Wisconsin!

Mama Bear said...

Oh I am so excited you got to meet MckMama and one of her MSC! It is so good to hear that Stellan looks healthy and happy as we have been praying for him since he went back into the hospital! So cool, you get to do the coolest stuff and meet the neatest people!

On another note, send some prayers this way as I have two very sick boys and am overwhelmed myself at the moment!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Aw, jamie--I'm so sorry your boys are still feeling sick! Praying, for sure:)

Anonymous said...

And to think, I was the one PUMPED to meet you, sweetie!!! Thanks again for helping out with Dr. B's smashing surprise. Could NOT have done it without you!! Thanks!!!!!

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh--it was my absolute pleasure!!!!