Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We're all settled in now. Sleeping, or about to be.

There are four of us nestled in at the Aloha Resort here in Wisconsin Dells.

I know, I know--so appropiately named; when you think Wisconsin you think Hawaii. So much so that all the tucan birds and faux folliage cluttering the lobby isn't even necessary.

But you can't argue that it's a nice touch anyway.

We've just come in from one of the loveliest nights. The air was warm and damp, but since we were sitting on the dock of the Lake Delton, it felt perfect. Just like the symmetry presented in the skyline of trees that give way to the stars; if you didn't get it the first time in the sky, all you had to do was look at the lake to see it again, reflected in the water like God's own crystal ball.

Not that he needs one.

Of course there was music involved. We busted out every song we knew and remembered and sometimes barely even remembered but found our way through the melodys and lyrics anyway. David had his guitar and his Iphone unlocked chord progressions.

Thank God for that magic phone.

We sang quite a lengthy and fun pop version of Create In Me A Clean Heart, both of us having grown up going to church every Sunday
morning, so we knew it so well that we got into a nice jam and didn't want to stop.

So we didn't. At least, not until we repeated it at least 10 times past what it's author probably ever intended. At least, from a let's-try-to-keep-life-interesting-by-trying-a-different-song-once-you've-played-this-one-through-12-times-already standpoint.

But I think God enjoyed it, and I know I did.

I eventually grabbed the guitar and showed off the five or six chords that I know. We made up a song. And though I may not remember it in
the morning, it was a fun little melody while it lasted, not to mention the collaboration of lyrics it offered that commented on everything from the water slides we rode on today to the popular phrase our dear friend Mindy has gotten us all saying, No thank you.

And yes, you can sing about anything. It may not make albums, per se, but it'll do just fine in the late night hours on a dock among friends.

Besides, for all the laughter it brought about, that song was a keeper.


kathiek said...

Sounds like fun, Jess!

How long are you in Wisconsin?

James Ricardo The Actor said...

That sounds amazing! See ya'll at sound check!