Thursday, June 11, 2009

keeping it together

Tonight I almost lost it on stage.

How was it any different this time, Jessica? you might be wondering.

Well, it was different this time because it occurred right smack in the middle of my song. The last time I cracked up on stage I didn't have to say anything sensible for at least a good seven minutes. This time, I was already talking.

And the thing is, nothing really even happened to set it off.

Not so specifically, anyway. Or at least, not nearly as specifically as what happened last time--a cast mate being knuckle deep inside their own crack. So, I guess it was a conglomeration of things.

The orchestra being decidedly off.

Colt and I having to look directly at each other as he tries to "teach" me to sing.

But probably the kicker was the tiniest of silly looks we gave each other at that moment.

Immediately following, he could barely get his three blind mice out. But he did. And then it was my turn. My three and my blind weren't so bad, but then my mice was all shaky and laugh spasmy and so came out sounding more like a goat.

Then when I had to add my own commentary on it and say, It isn't intentional, the jig was up.

I was laughing, plain and simple.

The funny part was that the whole audience was too, so there's that.

After that, Colt and I just averted our eyes from each other in an attempt to not exacerbate the problem. I pretty much controlled it, but boy was my smile huge.

It was actually fun and though we did spend some time teetering dangerously on the edge of losing it all together, we were able to avoid a disaster and managed to simply look like one very very happy couple.

Which isn't such a bad thing after all.

Have you ever laughed when you absolutely were not supposed to?


jeanok said...

When my sister and I start laughing...FORGET IT...we're gone. As kids my mom would have us hold up napkins at the dinner table so that we couldnt see each other cuz once we get going it's hopeless..sadly we didnt have napkins as we approached the coffin at my Great Uncle Mike's funeral.

The Husband said...

What? No reference to the Three Trees sketch? I'm disappointed . . .

mom said... know when. Wasn't funny!

peaj said...

Wait, after you say It isn't intentional, isn't Colt's next line She gets depressed? That's pretty funny if you're laughing during your line.

I laugh sometimes when I get bored and start thinking about something funny I saw on the web or on TV. Usually my mind starts wandering this way when I am supposed to be listening to someone. Not good.

Nina said...

Unfortunately, my inappropriate laughter usually happens when someone has hurt themselves (though not badly!). But how demented is that?

Jessica Latshaw said...

Jeanok--my sister and I get into laughing spasms together now, too, but it wasn't always that way...When we were littler we sat right across the table from each other and something (that Jenna would say or do or whatever) would get me to start laughing and then she would stare at me angrily. The more she stared the more I laughed and the more mad she would get. Finally my parents would "excuse me" from the table so I could laugh it out in the other room with out offending Jenna.

It got to the point where she would just stare at me, waiting for me to crack so that she could tell on me...Let's just say she didn't usually have to wait very long...

And maybe I should start stuffing napkins down my leotard!

And it happened at Great Uncle Mike's funeral?!?!?! LOL. Literally.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Drew--Yes, I absolutely lost it then (as you love to talk about and tell all my theater peers!) but that's a different post...

Jessica Latshaw said...

Mom--you wouldn't be referring to the time my own dog had died after he'd "taken a leave of absence" to live with one of our pastors and you guys kept it from me, thinking I'd just never ask about my beloved Caspian...And then when I finally did, you started laughing UPROARIOUSLY and could only get out three words that will forever be branded in my memory:

He's dead, honey.

And then laughed some more until you cried.

You wouldn't be thinking of that time, would you?


Jessica Latshaw said...

Peaj--actually, he's says 'She's trying her best' at that point, but we were both still laughing, when he had to inform the audience that I get depressed, so--good point!!!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Nina--I have done that as well! It's awful but luckily has not occurred after anything serious...

Anna K said...

OK, now I'm waiting for the Three Trees post. I am one of your theatre peers with whom Drew has NOT shared that story!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Oh man...Well, Drew is coming here tomorrow--and I am sure he would love to share it with you!!!