Saturday, June 13, 2009


Sitting. And waiting. Trying to make the most of my time.

Between when the last show of the day ended and when I get to go with Clyde (who was kind enough to offer to drive his jeep) to pick up Drew.


Oh, here's something a little bit funny.

Not hilarious funny like when my brother Jason was strolling along, happily hand in hand with his (then) girlfriend Darby and my other brother Jonathan snuck up, switched his hand for Darby's, and kept pace with him for a short while. When Jason finally noticed that the hand he was holding and cherishing and interlocking his fingers with was not in fact a beautiful woman's, but rather a young man who looked a lot like himself, he dropped it faster than any hand in the history of hand holding has ever been dropped and the whole family started laughing.

Because that was hilarious funny.

This is only a little bit funny.

So, I am leaving The Alliance to room with Drew (obviously) while he's here. I email my company manager to make the reservation for us and he responds, saying the room is under Drew's name.

When I go to switch rooms tonight I ask for the reservation under Drew Copeland. The woman at the desk looks a little bewildered when she cannot find it and then tells me that the only Drew they have is a Drew Latshaw.


I think that is very funny because that would have meant that he had taken my name when we got married and though Drew is maybe the most laid back, go-with-the-flow guy I have ever met, his limit of lengths to which he would go stops right before taking my name.

I'm pretty sure, anyway.

Our matinee tomorrow starts at one o'clock.

Which, in normal people's time, would mean that you get to the office around 5 am.

And wear a leotard.

So what do you think about that?

And tomorrow night we have our show at James' Club88, for which I am psyched. I already have my set list and everything, all saved on my Iphone. I am going to play two covers this time--Boysetsfire's The Misery Index and Sarah MaClachlan's Do What You Have to Do.

I sort of cut my song writing teeth on her albums.

That sounds so gross. Song writing teeth?!?!?! What do they bite, exactly? Watch out--she's baring her song writing teeth!!!!

Not all metaphors are appropriate for every situation, I guess.


Listening to her music made me feel like I had to write, too.

Like I could write, too.

And now I only have twelve minutes until I am meeting Clyde in the lobby and then just twenty-seven minutes until we get to the airport.

Not that I am counting or anything.


christine said...

Yeah!! I'm so glad for you that Drew is coming already!

That story about Jason is hilarious! As is the one about Drew you know that on the church website Josh and I are listed as Josh and Christine Mulrooney? It warms my heart a little actually : ) Good ol' Mulrooney making a come back!

Have a great weekend my friend! Wish I could hear you play! (I think I'm working on having the most exclamation points in one comment!)

Jessica Latshaw said...

Christine-this definitely calls for generous amounts of exclamation points!!!!!!

I admire your enthusiasm, friend!!!!!!

And that is sooooo funny that you guys are listed as Mulrooneys! Is Josh so upset?!?!?!

peaj said...

Hey, it is just natural: you marry into an honorable and dynastic family, people start associating you with the family name. Like Latshaw. Or Mulrooney

I don't know Sarah MacLachlan, but your comment about her music encouraging you to write made me think of a quote by Edgar Rice Burroughs (author of Tarzan of the Apes):

"If people were paid for writing rot such as I read in some of those magazines [I knew] that I could write stories just as rotten."

But Sarah MacLachlan probably didn't inspire you in just that way. ;-)

Glad Drew is nearby!

Jessica Latshaw said...

ha! I like that quote a lot, PJ! And that totally applies to some of the music I hear on the radio too!!!

Anna K said...

When Steve and I were first dating, maybe a year into our relationship, we went up to the mountains of Colorado for a weekend. In the little cabin we rented was a lovely gift basket with wine etc., and a welcome note for Mr. and Mrs. Kaltenbach.
The other funny thing about that weekend is that we couldn't get a fire started in the oh-so-romantic fireplace. We burned the local paper, leaves and twigs we collected from outside, the cardboard box we'd brought food in, and were eyeing the furniture, but it just wouldn't get going!
Then Steve found a little switch next to the fireplace and brought the GAS fire immediately, roaringly, to life!

Natalie said...

The story about Jason is hilarious, haha! It's similar to what happened to me yesterday, when my uncle (who has five sons, my cousins) called to wish me a happy birthday. Well, apparently, they kept trading off the phone whenver something was said. I had one conversation with six people and had no idea until Adam let the cat out of the bag by saying, "Well, let me give the phone back to my dad." Oops!

Sorry your mat was so freakin' early. I assume you survived, though?

jason said...

THat story with Jonathan is hilarious... only one problem. I don't remember it AT ALL. Seriously!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Anna--I love MR. and Mrs Kaltenbach. perfect! And fireplace is totally something that I would do...

Natalie--sounds like you have some fun guys in your family!!!

Jase--that's so funny you can't remember it! I know it happened--and if I remember correctly (to coin your own favorite phrase), it was at the inner harbor in Baltimore.

Rick of Cincinnati said...

LOVED the show and the cast in Cincinnati, so, like a groupie, I drove to Columbus to see you all again! YOU were a highlight of the show, Jessica, with your "singing"...
We just couldn't stop laughing!!

So excellent--the timing and the comedy of it all...
Really fun!!

Jessica Latshaw said...

RIck--thank you so much; how very kind of you to say. It's always so great to hear that people love the show--especially people who aren't related to me in any way and therefore have to say that;-)

Pop said...

Drew is certainly unflappable in pretty much all things, except accused tuba theft as I recall. But that worked out.

PJ--Copeland is also a dynastic and honorable family name. We're blessed that Jess married into it.

You know, I don't recall the Jason/Jonathan story either, which is of course in one sense not surprising, and I'm not saying it's spurious. Do you remember where it happened? Was I part of the family then?