Monday, August 10, 2009

tokyo, take 1

We saw this as we were walking through the subway today. And we open here in Tokyo on Wednesday. Um, I should really go over my lines.

People are so kind here, so dignified. Honor is a huge part of their culture, which I respect so much. Today, we were leaving a restaurant and the waiter chased down my friend Ian, telling him that we had left 60 cents over our bill, and had we miscounted? shouldn't we take it back?

See, tips are not appreciated here. The waitstaff simply do their job and don't expect monetary thanks from those they are serving. And no, I don't think that 60 cents is anything near a good tip. We actually already already knew that tips were not standard when we paid the bill, but Ian didn't feel like counting out exact change and thought that it wouldn't be a big deal to simply leave a little bit over.

He was wrong.

He took the change graciously and we were on our way.

And here is me and Brandon, in a section of the city that I would totally tell you if I remembered the name.
Trust me, it definitely sounds just like a Japanese word.

Probably because it is one.

Another thing I love about Tokyo is the contour of the cityscape.
The buildings are all different in shapes and sizes, some square some rounded, and it makes keeping your eyes wide open that much more interesting.

We went grocery shopping today, and aside from losing Brandon for a good 20 minutes (which we all felt very badly about, I can assure you!), I bought a banana, among other things.
Apparently, a delicious banana.


We'll see.

I also tried out the bidet here in the hotel bathroom, and without going into detail, I will simply say that it does the job.


The Husband said...

Heh. A bidet. Awesome. Heh.

Anonymous said...

i would love to have a bidet at home.

Mandy and Jack said...

HA!!! The delicious banana really reminds me of China. That stuff cracks me up!!

The tipping thing is the same in Brazil - It feels so bizarre not to leave a tip but it's an insult if you do, so we didn't. Having been a waitress in high school, I really felt like a jerk every time we left without tipping.

Oh yes, and the bidet - when we got to Rio I had NO idea what it was. I thought it was some kind of weird urinal.

kathiek said...

Looks like fun...the wrapped banana is different!

James Ricardo The Actor said...

you tried it!!!!! hmmm, maybe I will tomorrow! K boo, the earthquake this morning has terrified me...UGH!

Mom said...

Delicious Banana! For some reason, I find that hilarious!

It would be so much cheaper to eat out here if it was insulting to tip. Interesting!

Jessica Latshaw said...

JR--the earthquake terrified me, too!

And mom, you'd think it'd be cheaper to eat out here since you don't tip, but the meals are pretty expensive. And the drinks! Just a diet coke cost my friend $6.50 last night!!!

Anonymous--why are you ashamed that you'd "love to have a bidet at home?!" :-P

Mandy--yeah, it feels totally like we're being a drag not tipping, but at least we don't have to confuse ourselves greater as we sort through this Japanese money!

KK--yeah, they wrap a lot of things in the grocery store--it's cute:)

peaj said...

Good think you got the delicious banana, instead of the other kind.

You look like you are feeling better about this trip. Yay!

jason said...

I think a bidet is a great idea and don't understand why they aren't more popular here. It just seems cleaner than wiping with dry paper, you know?

I want to visit Japan so badly!

jason said...

LOL, the way I wrote it makes it seem like the reason I want to visit Japan is for the bidets. Those were unrelated sentences.

Jessica Latshaw said...

haha jase-that's so funny! I really wish you guys could come out here too!!!