Saturday, August 15, 2009

oh the food

While doing a publicity event today, I was fed a boxed lunch.


As in, a whole bunch of sushi that came in a very big box.

Once again, I tried valiantly to like it, and although this time it wasn't slathered in mayonnaise or secretly hiding a horrible surprise tucked deep inside known as wasabi, it still tasted like a little dead fish that crawled out of the ocean into my mouth.

And unfortunately, there was no soy sauce to drown my sorrows in either.

And here's the thing: yes, I am in a foreign and evocative country and yes, I want to experience everything this country has to offer; but when that includes tastes that make me want to stop chewing and start spitting, then yes, I will go elsewhere. Because I am in a show that involves some energy and hey, a girl's gotta eat. So how terrible would it be if I confessed that I went to KFC today after the whole boxed lunch affair? And how awful would it be if I told you just how much I enjoyed that crispy chicken sandwich that was blessedly devoid of mayonnaise or wasabi or anything that had recently had a P.O. box in the Pacific Ocean?

Because I did.

And another thing, sometimes it's better just not to ask.

We were all feasting on some delicious bread at dinner tonight. The bread was black, but not burnt. It was a little toasty, but soft in the middle. I just assumed that it was made from olives or something and though I don't like olives in the least, I decided to just go with it because like I said, the bread was smashingly good.

So when my friend asked the waiter why the bread was black and he methodically told us squid ink?

I just kept chewing.

That makes up for KFC in a moment of weakness today, right?


ClaudiaC said...

Jess, I'm proud of you for keeping on chewing the bread! Rob likes to eat different foods, and I have to be "in the mood" to try something different - different as in ugly, foreign, not usually on an American menu different. The trick for me is to NOT think about what I'm eating! I just eat it. And like you with the bread, I keep on chewing.

You do need to keep your strength up, so I'm glad you got the KFC!

whateverhater said...

sugar booger, i spent 4 weeks in tokyo eating mcdonalds and subway. i NEVER eat at those HIDEOUS places in the states. when abroad, its survival mode!!!

john carroll

Jessica Latshaw said...

Oh John, I LOVE YOU! You're right: it is survival mode. And every time you say hideous it makes me laugh!

Claudia--thanks for the encouragement and I totally get NOT thinking about whatever it is that's going down the hatch:)

Anonymous said...

Today, I enjoyed the first show from 13:00 and the event right after the show. Soooo touched by the wonderful performances and I had gooseflesh on my arms and legs so many times. Thank you so much for coming and giving Japanease people this opportunity to see "A Chorus Line" here in Japan and I'll never forget this experience.

And I'm so excited to read your blog!!

I've heard that many movie stars and musicians mention about Japanease silence before, so it was interesting to read about it again in here. I think Japanease remain silence so many reasons. I think when we applaud and laugh during the show, we may strongly care about the timing and the volume of the sound we make as manner.

Sorry about the boxed lunch affair...I hope you can reach good foods for your best performance.
Now bread using squid ink is popular in Japan like pasta with squid ink source is. The ink has a lot of tasty ingredients.

kathiek said...

Jess, I am sorry you can't get into the long as it's not covered in mayonnaise I would absolutely love it. But Japan's cuisine has plenty to commend it that is not sushi, have you not had an opportunity to try any of that?

Good for you on the squid ink bread!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Anonymous--thank you so much for explaining to me some of the reasons behind the quietness; and I do appreciate the respect and attention you afford us, it is just very different for us and certainly takes some getting used to! :) And singing What I Did For Love at the publicity event was extremely special and amazing for US as well. You all reacted so beautifully and we LOVED singing for you. THanks for reading my blog and for coming to the show!!!

Kathie--I have had some delicious food here, I just haven't loved the sushi. Yet:)

Jessica Latshaw said...

And p.s. the squid ink bread really was soooo tasty!

Anna K said...

If you've had paella in a Spanish restaurant you may have had squid ink before. As a vegetarian, I was pretty bummed when I found out that's what gives the rice its dark color!

jason said...

Well, given that I love Calamari (and I thought you did too?) I really would have no right to stick my nose up at the ink of the squid when I don't think twice about eating the whole squid itself!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Anna-I don't think I have had paella before, but now I'm intrigued!

Jase--you really have to ask? I LOVE calamari; it's the best appetizer. Ever.

Min said...

Jess, it's so funny that you ate sushi and didn't care for it! I spent 5 1/2 weeks in japan and wasn't given it once! Although I did eat jellyfish and contemplated buying a bag of seasoned grasshoppers just to try it. I know how the silence feels too. What a country if respect for others huh. I loved it there and also felt so curious to know their secrets! If you find candy somewhere ask someone which one had the edible wrappers! They were SO good and fun! And if you can, go to a place called Diyae. It was a department store with four floors of interesting things... I think it was in Kofu, but there maybe a chain of them. Especially check out the stationary!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Mindy. I CANNOT believe that you were not offered sushi ONCE while you were here for 5 and 1/2 weeks! I feel like it's everywhere...And I do remember how beautiful the different paper was in South korea; I bet they have lovely stationary here, too! Edible candy WRAPPERS?? I'm game!

the person formerly known as semi anonymous said...

yuck. you're a good sport.

Sir Tophs a Lot said...

I eat at KFC/Mickey D's here all the time. Nary feel guilty. And always try everything, because, like your squid ink bread, it's sometimes REALLY GOOD.

Karenkool said...

I can't do sushi either. Ink bread wouldn't bother me at all esp if it's tasty. I hope you get to try other interesting foods besides sushi.

KFC! Tsk tsk. hahha I had Wendy's the other day (here in the USA) and was throughly disgusted!!!

Mandy and Jack said...

I completely understand.