Monday, August 31, 2009

karaoke and typhooning

It's true.

What they say about musical theater people and karaoke.

Um, we love it. Can't get enough of it.

And the feel of that microphone gripped between your fingers?


And all that swanky reverb that makes those high notes seem just effortless?


Seriously, three of us stepped into the place because you know, we're in Japan and all and still hadn't been to one. We purchased an hour session, which I thought was maybe pushing it, but then...well, then there was the feel of the microphone and the cheesy soundtracks and any old pop song I wanted to sing and all that marshmallowy reverb and the hour went by in what seemed like just a fantastically fun second or two.

And there was something like a perfect moment when, right as we were ending a rousing rendition of Doe a Deer, singing in octaves the last two D0 D0's, there was a third unintentional but gloriously in rhythm beat, a crash! and shatter! as a glass smashed onto the ground.

Sending us into gales of laughter.

And though I am sure the Karaoke bar did not think it was a perfect moment, considering how it left them down a glass and all, the fact that that crazy-good drummer from the Dave Matthews Band himself could not have hit a more perfectly timed crash than the sound of that breaking glass was just too good.

But really, I am not promoting the harm or violence toward any innocent glasses, especially ones that do not actually belong to you.

So keep your glasses safe.

But if one does happen to slip from your grip while singing at a karaoke bar--if you can time it so it crashes right as a surprising button to the song, well then, that's the way I'd recommend it.

Oh. And another thing I'd recommend?

How about while flying your passengers through a typhoon, not showing footage of the havoc that typhoon is wreaking in the same area over which they are flying, for goodness' sake?!

Seriously. We were taking off in the storm and every monitor in the plane was giving us views of trees blowing sideways, rain angrily beating down diagonally, and clouds piling up in the sky.

Um, thanks.

We kind of knew about the not great flying conditions already since our flight was delayed. Twice. And if we still hadn't gotten it by then, we could have just, I don't know, looked out the window. But I guess you just needed to leave no uncertainty in our minds as to how hard our flight could be and so you showed us the typhoon.

On TV.
Pounding the earth.
Ripping the sky in half.
And giving us the ride of our lives.

Nice touch, Japanese Airline, very nice touch indeed.


sherri said...

God help all of you!


Enjoy a safe smooth trip home.

kathiek said...

I have never done karaoke. I'm glad you had fun...and that you arrived safely to [the place I forget how to spell that begins with an H]!

James Ricardo The Actor said...

I am the only theater dude who hates Karaoke it is official! LOL I figured out why? Because I'm a control freak, and I don't have control over the key of the song etc. It makes me nervous, and is no fun! LOL! But I'm glad you had a blast! I am sure you guys rocked it out!

Michele said...

That plane ride must have been SO scary! I'd have been praying like a saint! (I was gonna say 'like a mad woman', but I'm not really sure how a mad woman prays) :)

Jessica Latshaw said...

JR--at this place you could change the key to make it lower or higher whenever you wanted! So, maybe you WOULD have liked it!

Hiroko said...

Hello. I am an ACL-crazy Japanese. I saw the show on 29th and was very touched. Well, I know how you felt about our silence, but we are basically trained to be quiet during a show not to bother others, but everyone around me was laughing loud and getting in tears throughout the show, and so was I. I always laugh at Sheila having Valium:) A friend also saw the show earlier and mentioned you as the most impressive person and she was right. I'd like to hear you sing a REAL song on a next occasion.

I am sorry you had to go through a typhoon and earthquakes, which were really big ones in recent years. Welcome to Japan! I hope nothing happens for the rest of your Japan tour and you will enjoy more pancakes in Hyogo since western region is a home to pancakes called Okonomiyaki (as you like.)

Jessica Latshaw said...

Hi Hiroko! So glad you stopped by and thanks SO MUCH for watching my show AND all the kind words! We have had such an amazing time here in Japan--and I have met so many wonderful people that make this beautiful country even lovelier than it already is...And yes, next time around, I would love to sing for you with my real voice:-)