Wednesday, August 19, 2009

she's a Martin, but that's not her name.

I have been thinking about this for a while.

Especially while on the road.

And especially when I don't have access to a piano.

People seem to be under the impression that I am very very busy. When in reality, I am not so busy, I just am not around. And there's a big difference.

On a one show day, I work for a total of 3 hours. And then I am done with what is known as bringing home the bacon and can do whatever the heck I please. All this to say, I have time for some other stuff in my life. Time to learn new things, and I want to take advantage of this.

So right. What I have been thinking about is purchasing an instrument that is more mobile than say, my piano that weighs a ton.

And for once, I am using that word literally.

See, as much as I'd love to take my piano on the road, I'd hate to see what the airline would charge me for the overweight fees once I stuffed it into my suitcase. Plus, I already have some necessary things in there. Like clothes. And 100 calorie packs of Cheez-Itz. As well as many other mature things along that same vein. So, really there just isn't room.

Also, some of the music I write has a feel for a guitar rather than a piano and so it'd be nice not to have to go to someone else to play it for me. And by someone else I mean Drew. Or Clyde, my guitar-wiz friend here on tour. Or upon lucky occasion, my talented rocking brother Josh.

Anyway, there is this guitar shop that I pass everyday on my way to work here in Tokyo. I have to admit that the first guitar that stood out to me was purple. And it stood out to me simply because it was purple. So I thought that was the one I wanted.

But then I saw a red one. A deep, rich red that was feminine with an edge. I loved it. Until I heard it, that is. It was tinny, and not nearly as rich or resonant as its color would suggest.

Oh and I guess I should tell you that Clyde was with me. See, when talking over this purchase with Drew, his one caveat was to make sure that it isn't crap. Those were his exact words. And since I am obviously easily seduced by pretty colored guitars, I asked Clyde to come with me and help me make a good solid choice, i.e., a non-crappy choice.

Anyway, the purple guitar was a no go, as was the red. Well shoot, I didn't see anything else that drew me. Until...We were taken up to the 6th floor, also known as the Land of Beautiful Acoustic Guitars, also known as the Land of Guitars That Are Way Too Expensive For Me So Why Am I Even Here?


We got around to a bunch in the center of the room and I noticed a smaller guitar, black as the nighttime sky and beautifully crafted. I also noticed it was on sale and within my price range.

We picked it up. Clyde played it and we both marveled at its tones, the roundness of its high notes, the fullness of its low range.

And then it was my turn to play.

And that was it.

Done and done, sign me up, and do you take Visa?

I love it and I am very excited about this new venture, this new challenge.

Already my fingers hurt and already I have learned one new chord. Also, my dear friend Mindy made me play her a song in the dressing room, which I did, and she kindly acted like she loved it. Have I mentioned how dear and sweet Mindy is? I am pretty sure she would love it if I banged two sticks together and yodeled about sheep. Or at least, she would tell me that she did.

Anyway, here she is (My guitar, that is, not Mindy). She's a Martin, but I won't be calling her Martin, since she's a girl.
So pretty.
And I am so grateful that she is mine.
Now to build up some calluses on these fingers of mine...


Mandy and Jack said...


peaj said...

Pretty! Sweet purchase. Glad you have yet another way to make music.

jason said...


Pop said...

Love it. It seems perfect for you--very "wicked" (right word use????)

kathiek said...

Beautiful, Jess! I hope building up those calluses doesn't hurt too much.

James Ricardo The Actor said...


Jessica Latshaw said...

ha! yes, pop, right word choice!

and thanks, all!

mom said...

I am so happy for you! And I'm really glad Clyde was with you! I don't think it's really a good idea to base guitar purchases on color:)

AJR said...

Isn't it funny how busy people think we are? We have 21 hours of our day as free time most days! Good times.

Jessica Latshaw said...

I know! People just have no idea how much time we spend NOT WORKING on tour:-)

Anonymous said...

how about Marty? or Marta? that would be awesome!

Jessica Latshaw said...

funny, not far off from what I was thinking, which was Martina...:)

not semi anonymous said...