Thursday, August 20, 2009

hachiko: a love story

Internet, meet Hachiko.
Hachiko, meet Internet.

See, he's a very important dog here in Tokyo. A purebred Akita, his story is one of loyalty and faithfulness. But, back up for a bit.

Hachiko's owner was a professor who worked at the University of Tokyo. Every day Hachiko saw him off at their front door and then made his way to Shibuya Station in downtown Tokyo to meet him at his train and walk him home in the early evening. But one day, the professor never did come home, having had a stroke and died while at the University.

But Hachiko waited at the train station, just like every other day.

However, Hachiko was eventually taken in by another family and you might think that the story ends there.

It doesn't.

Hachiko continually escaped back to his master's old home, purportedly looking for the professor. Realizing that he wasn't there, the dog made his way back to the train station, parking himself at his usual spot, at the usual time, waiting to meet his master at the end of the day. Though he never saw him, this did not deter Hachiko from trying again and again, innocently hoping that his dear friend would come home.

Other commuters recognized Hachiko and remembered the professor fondly and so started bringing treats and food for Hachiko to enjoy during his daily wait.

And this went on for 10 years.

Hachiko never did see his beloved professor on this earth again but I like to think they are reunited in Heaven now.

Sure you can tell me how that is not theologically sound and honestly, that doesn't interest me as much as this sweet love story between a man and his dog; and I think God cares about that enough to maybe bring them back together again.

I get to pass this statue of Hachiko everyday now, going to and from Shibuya Station.
Sweet, loyal Hachiko is an inspiration to us all.
The end.


peaj said...

I read about Hachiko last year. Amazing story! I remember reading that there is a day to honor him; Google sez that it is April 6th.

Also, it looks like there is a movie about him coming out this Christmas, starring Richard Gere (though not, I suspect, as Hachiko).

I've been wondering what the statue looked like; thanks for sharing!

Jessica Latshaw said...

OH my gosh, a movie?!

That is going to be a tear-jerker, for sure. Just like Marley and Me...But it is such a beautiful story...And good guess on Richard Gere NOT playing Hachiko! :)

Mandy and Jack said...

Awww! What a sweet story!!!

kathiek said...

What a great story! Thanks for sharing it, Jess, I had never heard it before.

ClaudiaC said...

Jess, I am such a dog lover, (and I know it's not scriptually sound),that I think that there must be dogs in heaven! At least my past 2 dogs, and the dog I have now who is very, very old when she dies! I love this story of Hachiko! Dogs are the best!!!

merry said...

sniff sniff. good story. I firmly believe that all of our beloved animals go to heaven and the animals that were abused too. I don't care if no one agrees with me.It makes me feel better.

Michele said...

That is such a sweet story! God created animals - I'm sure He'll have a place for them in heaven!

James Ricardo The Actor said...

I had no idea, thanks for the post!

Mom said...

Wow! What a story. I would like to think that Strider and Arwen and our cats would have that kind of love for us. Strider & Arwen would; that is, unless a rabbit distracted them and they wound up lost somewhere!

I have no problem with believing that animals that have died will be on the new earth. After all, they are an innocent bystander in the terrible story of our fall and why would God judge them? We can learn a lot from dogs and their loyalty and love.

Thanks for telling this moving story!

Jessica Latshaw said...

"Strider & Arwen would; that is, unless a rabbit distracted them and they wound up lost somewhere!"

LOL, mom--and so true!

Jessica Latshaw said...

hey--and isn't an akita similar to malamutes?