Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a month without my precious Emoji (which is fun picture texting, for those of you who don't know).

I have been without a phone now for two and a half weeks.

And it's funny, part of me likes it.

I have an Iphone, so basically it carries my whole media life: texting, email, the web, twitter, FB, GPS, oh yeah, and the ability to actually call people, though I know that is terribly out of fashion for the most part.

But well, now I have once again learned the art of planning. Appointing set times to meet another person. Scheduling out your next day before you go to bed and including those you would like to join you in it.

And I also get the nice surprise of a big fat full inbox when I get home from work. Used to be, I'd read every email or notification I received, just as soon as it came in, but not now.

Now I check my messages, etc., in the morning and at night. And it's a nice thing for me to anticipate.

But there are a few times when I really do miss my phone.

And that is during the Cassie/Paul break in the show. Usually, I kick off my heels and check my Iphone and it's a fun departure from all things A Chorus Line. Now...I TALK TO MY FRIENDS (gasp!).I know, crazy; it's like this new Japan Jessica is completely unrecognizable, I've changed so much!

Okay, so maybe the tradeoff isn't all that bad.

Specially since there are some people here who are totally worth talking to.

But another time that I really miss it?

Every time I want to get a hold of Drew. Which is no less than three and no more than twenty times a day. But now when I can't talk to him, I realize that I can pray for him, so there's that.

But other than that, I really am not missing it too much. It's kind of nice to not be checking up on the world all the time and instead just take the time to take inventory on what is happening in my own little corner.

Or you know, in my own heart.

I've also been listening to my ipod a lot while commuting to work every day, and this I LOVE. I people watch, look for hilarious Japanese t-shirts that say something in English that makes no sense whatsoever--this one my friend Jordan took, and I think it is quite funny.

We had a fun time talking about how at least they were honest, they said it was sufficient, they didn't say it was wonderful and yada yada yada. Basically, the towel will do the trick, but don't expect heavenly clouds drying your body off, people; and don't say we didn't warn you, either.

And in English, no less.

But my point is, I travel the city with music providing a soundtrack and I enjoy it so much. It's like my own world within a world and it's just me and a lot of notes and a lot of words and sometimes there isn't much that is better than that.

Except if I had headphones that actually did me the courtesy of staying in my ears.

Then it might be better.

And by might I mean definitely.

But back to the Iphone thing. How about you guys? You ever gone without technology for a while? How did it make you feel?


Sir Tophs a Lot said...

Um. I am absolutely in love with not having a cell phone and constant technology at my fingertips. I, like you, have enjoyed the old-fashioned methods of making plans and meeting people at said times, and I love that when I want to be alone and exploring, no one can bother me or interrupt my solo expeditions. So I too, feel that I am more aware of the world around me, I'm talking to people more (even in Japanese) and just enjoying passing through time without being endlessly connected to my phone. I love it.

James Ricardo The Actor said...

Jess, I Miss My Iphone! But imagine all the roll over minutes we have now!!!!!

kathiek said...

I have an iPod Touch, but I mostly use it if John and I are in the car for more than 2 hours and during the school year to play music for my students.

Hardly anyone has my cell phone number. I mostly use my cell just to let John know when I am on my way home, or just in case of an emergency. If I have to call someone while I am out, I will, but I don't use it much at all. I rarely ever text.

Michele said...

There are definitely times when it's nice to get away from technology, like when you're on vacation. But the next best thing is probably the way you have to do it now - checking your email twice a day.

Mom said...

Were you at church a few weeks ago when the storm hit and our electricity went out? Church still happened in the dark, without electricity, and with acoustic guitar. People actually sang rather than listening to the worship team. It was really sweet. Reminiscent of the Jesus People days. It seemed much more personal. I loved it.