Friday, August 21, 2009

computers and kill bill cuisine

Drew and I have a new rule that involves computers and bathing.

You see, the other day I made a few mistakes.

Okay, well I probably make a few mistakes everyday but this one involved my beloved Mac.

I wanted to take a bath because I do this thing called A Chorus Line eight times a week and sometimes it just plain hurts. Also, the bathtub in my hotel room is so divine, though any bathtub that actually holds water and doesn't drain as soon as I step in it is pretty fabulous compared to the one at my house.

But I also wanted to have the use of my computer.

Yeah, you probably see where this is going; you guys are smart like that.

My first mistake was bringing my Mac into the bathroom. My second mistake was setting it down on the toilet--a toilet, I should say, that has a particularly slanted and slippery lid. And my third mistake was, when the computer started sliding off of the toilet, jumping out of the bath while soaking wet and causing a small tidal wave to hit the keyboard as I grabbed it.



I quickly and tenderly wiped it down and then bided my time.

And sure enough, later that night my Mac was acting funky. Whether I wanted it to or not, the mouse would highlight and drag everything it passed over. The backspace wasn't working. It was slow, like I-might-as-well-dig-up-an-encyclopedia-and-do-my-research-there slow.

I told Drew and he was like, oh no.

Um, yeah, Drew, Oh no and then some!

But then he told me to leave the computer open for the night to let it dry out and see what happens in the morning. And I prayed for it. Some may think that's strange but I think that if God cares about anything than he cares about everything; that, bottom line, he cares.

And what do you know, the morning came, and there was my computer, prettily humming away and working like a smooth operator.

OHHHH SHOOOOOOOOOOT!!!, but this time in a totally good way.

So thank you Drew for the good advice and thank you God for caring and no thank you to me for putting my mac in that precarious position in the first place.

But onto something else.

Tonight a group of us ate dinner at a restaurant that was used for one of the big fight scenes in Kill Bill. Too bad I still have not seen the movie and too bad I just ran out of my rocking yellow jumpsuits. Seriously, there are like three in my laundry right now.

In honor of its history, we decided to do some Kill Bill-ish moves.
But ended up looking more like mannequins. Whatever.

And the place was awesome. We had to take off our shoes and sit low to the ground and everything.
We even got to sit in a private room, the same one where President W himself sat when he dined there. And after enjoying seaweed salad, tofu, various skewers laden with meet, tomatoes wrapped in bacon, some sort of fish flake and potato concoction, and ice cream inundated with unidentified gelatinous cubes, we called it a night.

But not before I had a glass of plum wine, which is basically wine for toddlers and so it is actually pretty tasty.

And now, another bath. But I will be leaving my computer on the bed this time, don't you worry.


AJR said...

Blow-drying the insides of your MacAir may have helped too. For future reference when you're tub-blogging. :)

peaj said...

You're so thoughtful.

I started reading the last paragraph: "And now, another bath..." and I thought, oh, noes, Mr Mac is going to get drenched again! How sad how tragics!

And then I read: "But I will be leaving my computer on the bed this time, don't you worry."

Whew! Oh my goodness, I almost bout popped a blood vessel, what with all the anxiety building up inside me from my worry and all.

Thank you for that last sentence!

James Ricardo The Actor said...

Looks like a fun dining experience! And our GOD is an Awesome GOD! YAY for your macbook!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Alex--that's a great idea, thanks! But hopefully, I will not have to employ that technique since I have now learned my lesson...:)

Peaj--I am nothing if not thoughtful!;-P

JR--Yes He is!!!!

kathiek said...

I am glad everything worked out with your Mac, that could have been terrible! I have been tempted to bring my Mac into the bathroom on more than one occasion but have never done so. I think what stops me is thinking what John would say if something happened to it, or how I would explain it to the guys at the Apple Store. Those two things always stop me in my tracks!

Michele said...

Let us not forget possible electrocution ladies! Really, what has become of us when we can't even just lay in the tub and relax? Why must we always be "productive"?

Karenkool said...

Seeing as how my kids use the webcams and I've been known to use skype while nate was in Argerntina, I thought you were going to tell us that your were caught on the webcam in the tub, and now it was being broadcast all over the internet or something. So, although I was relieved to find out that the mac is ok regarding the water episode... I think I was even more relieved to find out that you weren't the newest youtube clip happening. One can't be too careful these days. ;-)

Mom said...

OH, Jess! That could have been so hard if your fairly new computer had died! It's your only way to communicate right now!

So glad it turned out OK.

jeanok said...

hahahah initially I thought what
Karenkool thought....whew!!

happy that your mac is back