Tuesday, August 4, 2009

humor me as I share about my nephew and my cats. Oh, and a skin disorder. not mine.

My three-year-old nephew Judah recently tried to order some chicken hands at a restaurant. It took some time before people realized that what he wanted was actually chicken fingers and if you think about it, that's really no stranger than chicken hands.

Considering chickens have neither hands nor fingers.

As requested, here is our poor cat's shaven back, documented for all the world to see.
It kind of looks like a). we tried to get crafty with the clippers and turn him into a real cool punk, b). he was caught in some kind of act of harlotry and must now suffer this branding, not unlike the scarlet letter, or c). he has a horrible skin disorder that reminds me of the same skin disorder that I ran into head-first and full-tilt as a kid at the beach.

How does one run into a skin disorder?

Well my brother and I had seen this woman earlier in the day; she stood out because her poor skin looked like it was sloughing off of her body in a very painful and embarrassing way. We hadn't said anything, but we both tried not to look but probably couldn't help looking a little. Or a lot. We were kids. The point is we both noticed. A little later, we were wandering along the boardwalk and I was trying to catch up with Jonathan when all of the sudden I rammed into a wall. But it wasn't a wall. It was her. And I had unfortunately rubbed up against what Jonathan assured me was a horrible skin disease that I had now most definitely contracted and it'd only be a few days until it showed up on me too, leaving me raw and the person who people look at but try not to; a person who's left with chunks of hair falling off her head.

Kind of like Tally, my cat.

Surprisingly enough, Jonathan's prediction didn't come true and well, I really hope that woman is doing much better and has her skin intact. And I've been careful to look where I am going ever since.

And as you can see, we threw away our cat Percy. Right into the trash.

Apparently she's a smart one, though, because she climbed right out.

Go figure.


kathiek said...

I love the things kids say! Miss B. amuses us fairly regularly by the way she pronounces things (or mispronounces them)! You are right about the chicken hands/chicken fingers thing...both are pretty strange. Stewart's sometimes has something called hog wings on their menu. I'm still trying to figure out what they are.

Poor Tally!

How thoughtful and reassuring Jonathan was! ;-]

Jessica Latshaw said...

yes, kids really are hilarious...and HOG wings?!?! Think I'll probably stay away from those:-)

Michele said...

I just love you Jessica! That's all!

Emily said...

your poor baldy kitty! and chicken HANDS is awesome!

Jessica Latshaw said...

MIchele--same here! I mean, I love YOU--I'm not just trying to tell you that I also love me!!!

Emily--the thing is, Tally has really had a conversion since his mats were cut off. He's much less irritable and is back to his sweet, if not somewhat moody at times, self. And we try to limit his time spent in front of the mirror so that he doesn't realize how ridiculous he looks!