Saturday, August 29, 2009

playing tokyo

I think I drank my weight in water today.

Two shows and a gig makes for one very tired and thirsty individual, I have realized.

Add to that the emotional aspect of being so far from home and communication with loved ones feeling difficult at best, I think tired might be an understatement.

But, I am grateful to be doing what I am doing; being here in Japan, playing the show, and then getting to play my own music as well.
It's too much.
Too big.
Who would have thought?

And just look at that pretty piano; I loved every minute with it.
And I wish you could really see the size of the room from this pic, but you can't.
I guess the max is supposed to be about 40 people for the place, but I would say there was closer to 60 of us all mashed together, trying not to sweat.

Out of my set, I played one brand new song--the one I wrote here, last week--though I always hesitate to play a brand new song that has yet to be tested before an audience. I like to run them by someone first--someone safe, like Drew or a friend. But I decided to throw caution to the wind, practice this week like crazy, and just do it, like Nike says.

After all, the song is about being in Japan, so what better place to play it than when I am actually in Japan?

It was really really fun. I love playing and singing for people; it truly gives me life and I am blessed that people listen.

The Japanese people were asking for signatures and were taking pictures with me afterwards, too, which I thought was funny. But not nearly as funny as when one of the guys said, Kristine, Kristine! Picture???

I didn't even bother to correct him, either. I just took the picture with a bit bigger of a smile than usual.

Another thing that continues to blow me away is the amount of support that our cast shows every time we play. Seriously, they keep coming out. And it's not lost on me. Today was a two show day, the room was small and hot, and all of us were hungry. And yet, they listened and cheered and continue to tell me that they love it.

They are truly amazing.

And now to the business of going to bed.

And though it will not make me any money, per se, I think I am going to like this business a lot.


kathiek said...

Jess, I am so glad you got to play your own music while in Japan, I know it must recharge your soul (even if you ARE physically tired afterward)! How lovely that your cast-mates are so supportive of you! I have never met any of them, but I like them and appreciate them just the same because they care so much about you. You are blessed to have each other while you are all away from your own homes and families.

Jessica Latshaw said...

absolutely. It totally brings me life and joy to get to play--and my cast-mates are well-worth you appreciation!!! :)

Emily said...

Jess, that is great. And your little suspender short thingies are like a cute, female version of Bono's Rattle and Hum overalls... except that you were wearing a shirt underneath, and you weren't flinging your sweat all over the audience with your hair...

Jessica Latshaw said...

Emily--ha! I love that comparison! and thank you for noting the (slight) differences:)

恵津子 said...

hi jess,
i went to see your music at SaLa.
it was really nice and friendly.
i am happy to meet your songs and you guys.
i just looked for gig place for joshua. i found place"SaLa". they are nice person, but place is very tiny. but he loved there. so we kept on.
i read your blog. you moved something.. and did.
your words moved me.

i would like to continue like your live and joshua kobak who want just sing some oliginal songs.
not just only SaLa. i will try to another one.
so if you have any firends (come to tokyo as company of musical so on)introduce me and telling them.
i... we want to listen to.
i want help them.
take good care of yourself.
etsuko :)

ps; please check this a few days later.