Tuesday, January 6, 2009

rancho santa fe

    Drew and I are living without a care in the world. For now. Of course, it wouldn't be a good thing to live that way all the time, but it's nice sometimes. Um, really nice.

      Our trip out here was uneventful and I'd take it so far as to even say restful since we both actually slept on the plane. It was also so refreshing for me to go to an airport and not be fighting back tears for once. This time I didn't have to say good-bye to Drew; I didn't have to pretend that everything was going to be fine as I turned my back to him and resolutely walked away.  Instead, we both got to walk towards the terminal together. He even lugged around both of our bags (until I remembered that I am a fully functioning human who can probably handle wheeling around a bag the size of a carry-on and so offered to just leave him with the really big one which guessed it, mine).   

     Oh, and I really liked glimpsing the Pacific ocean again--even though Drew told me that it was just the sky and actually had me convinced for a moment as I kept staring at it, amazed at how similar a sky and an ocean really look. 

    Turns out they don't look that similar. Drew laughed as I said once again, But I really think it is the ocean, and the jig was up. I know, I know--gullible is not found in the dictionary, ha ha. 

    Right now we are staying in Rancho Santa Fe, which is not in Santa Fe at all. It is, in fact, in California--outside San Diego. It is a picturesque little town about 7 miles from the coast that is part of a covenant. Sounds scary, like they made some secret pact involving blood and monsters, but in reality it means that they all have ownership of the town so that every little thing--down to a change of a mailbox, even--needs to be approved by the appointed board. All of the architecture is spanish and romantic and there is no McDonalds in sight which is just fine with me.  All of the landscaping is pristine and lush which again, if just fine with me.

   Tonight I had lobster for dinner and I don't think I have ever had lobster for dinner before. Drew had swordfish--I suspect this was because Drew is a sucker for anything that has a sword, but still, it was delicious. We ate while overlooking the waves crashing on the sand; the sky blended in perfectly to the soft line of the ocean (see--they really do look alike!). 

   And now I am listening to the sounds of a fire crackling and popping in the fireplace. I am with Drew; I am content.    


kathiek said...

I am glad you are having such a wonderful, restful time with Drew! What a lovely view to have while dining! A few years ago, I went to Hawaii with my brother and sister-in-love. We had decided we were going to eat at one really fancy restaurant. We ate at Pahu'ia (not sure of spelling) at the Four Seasons. We had made reservations for dinner outside, on the lanai, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, at sunset. While we were enjoying the most delicious dinner we have ever had, served to us most impeccably by an attentive (but NOT annoying or obsequious) waiter...who reminded us of Samwise Gamgee...a whale was breaching...BREATHTAKING!! Now THAT was dinner and a show!

Jessica Latshaw said...

that sounds amazing, kathie--how special for all of you (even the whale!) ;-)

beingawesome said...

I'm really happy that you're enjoying the left coast with the hubby.


Mom said...

This is so wonderful, Jess & Drew!

christine said...

Wow that sounds wonderful! I'm glad even the trip out there was restful. I'm going to have to get to California someday.

Michele said...

My laptop isn't working, which is where I usually read all your posts, so I got a few days behind. It was fun catching up though!:) It was wonderful to see you and I am so happy that you and Drew are getting to spend some special alone time together, far from any responsibility.

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