Tuesday, January 13, 2009

back in the saddle again

        Stepping away from ACL for a mere 8 shows and then stepping back into it should be easy as pie, right? Two quick steps, kind of like dancing. And since I have my degree in dance performance--well, ain't no thing. 

         That's the theory, anyway. 

         But then throw into the equation a new theater that I have never performed in before, as well as a new zach light (two, small blue lights that are hung at the back of the house; it is these lights that we are supposed to direct all of our focus on when we are talking to Zach), the steps get a little bit more complicated then that.  

         Everything was fine. Fun, actually. I have this habit of going over my monologue and song while I am waiting upstage in the dark, back to the audience during At the Ballet, and today was no different. The words rolled through my mind with ease, just like that riding a bike adage. Even when Zach called me forward, it was fine, I was fine. But then I saw those little blue zach lights. And they were sooooo far away. And I started marveling about how far away they were in the middle of my monologue. And that was my Achilles' heel. 
        I blanked. Completely. 

         My body responded with all the red flags, my brain yelling to the rest of it's troops, ALL SYSTEMS DOWN!!!! My heart was racing, I got all hot inside and felt like my insides were quickly turning to something akin to a puddle.  Luckily, I play Kristine, who can't quite finish her own sentence anyway, so all the extra ums and ahs were actually in character. And it only lasted a few moments till I was back on track, but still it was absolutely terrifying. 

       It really shook me. Live theater, folks. Live theater. Which is why I can't beat myself up. It happens. Not so awesome that it happened the first show back after my vacation...But still, it happens. 

      And there you go. Further proof that I am not now, nor ever will be perfect (which doesn't mean that I am gonna stop trying!) Not that you guys were looking for proof. Those of you who know me probably stopped looking a while ago:)

   As you know, I am now in Detroit. Snowy, -3 degrees Detroit. What I didn't know before I got here is that Detroit is somewhat close to Canada, just a shortish drive away, in fact. And now I will pause so that you can laugh at my lack of geographical skills.


  It's okay, I really don't mind that you laughed. 

  And another thing. Driving to the theater tonight, we passed a small cavalcade of flashing and blinking police cars on the side of the road. Not every one was a police car, though; there was one that wasn't and it was the one with the large bullet hole in the front windshield. 
   Ah, Detroit. 
   God keep us and watch over us. 


Jason said...

According to LETHAL (from )

Crime Index: 95.7 out of 100

Murder 100 Percentile among US Cities
47 murders per 100,000 citizens

Violent Crimes 100 Percentile among US Cities
2419 murders per 100,000 citizens


On the bright side, there really isn't any dangerous wildlife in the area. (Unless humans count).

Jessica Latshaw said...

the nice thing is, the company has given all of us cars and the parking garage is in the same building as the theater--so we are virtually almost never outside in downtown Detroit. Except when we go get food, I guess.

jason said...

That is nice! Cars for all of you? That's amazing. They're like Oprah. HUMP BACK WHALES!

Jessica Latshaw said...


Actually, we are four to a car--but still, real nice. Not quite Oprah, though...;-)

Mom said...

Ah, beat me to it! I was going to quote LETHAL too! Course you have the right!

Jess.....please be careful! Wear your bullet proof vest I knitted you for Christmas!

Miss you so much!

peaj said...

Be nice to Detroit. Remember their record-breaking football team this year:

16 games. Zero wins.

Think of that. If that happened in Philly, the place would be in flames.

So, that, and the whole automaker thing, probably has them a little grumpy. Hopefully, they'll come see you and laugh a little.

erin said...

Jess! I hope you're enjoying the snow! We keep hearing there will be snow storms here but it's all lies!! :) Cali sounds like it was so fun! When I saw your moms status update I told all my roomies you guys walked WITH Queen Latifa! I love it. I'm glad you and Drew got to have that time together and happy 4th anniversary!
Love you.

kathiek said...

Oh my gracious, Jess, those few moments must have seemed like an eternity!

I am sorry my ignorance is showing, but why the reference to HUMP BACK WHALES (in caps & w/ an exclamation point, no less)?! What is that (& the school system thing, too) all about?

About the humans as dangerous I tell my students, "if it has teeth and claws [or nails, in this case] it can bite and scratch" (that doesn't even take guns & knives into account) so...

Michele said...

Jess, don't feel bad, I couldn't have told you Detroit was close to Canada either! I miss you! It's been great catching up on your posts. Keep living life large girl! We'll keep the home fires burning for you!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Kathie--the reference to HUMP BACK WHALES come from some hilarious stand-up that Dane Cook does. Check it out if you want--but there may be some...colorful...language as well, just to warn you;-)

Peaj--I know--Drew told me about those poor,distraught Lions! Too bad for them...And GO EAGLES!!!

Mom--the bullet-proof vest has worked wonderfully; I don't have a bullet hole on my anywhere. THANKS!

MIchele, apparently Windsor, Canada is real close. Who knew?!?!;-)

Erin--thank you for the kind words and anniversary cheer!