Friday, January 23, 2009

news, news!

   So the other day my brother Josh calls me. I answer with the usual hey Josh! only to get a hold on for a second, Jess in response.


   I hear him dialing and pushing buttons, I have no idea what is going on--and then he gets back on and says, Is it working? Drew, you there? Jess, you there?

   Um, is this some kind of marriage counseling you are doing here, Josh? I ask. He ignores me. I greet Drew, he greets me. Josh says, You ready for this?

   Goodness, I think. I hope he hasn't offered to do some sort of male pregnancy experiment that has worked and he's about to break the news that we are about to be an aunt and uncle. Again. 

   You laugh, but that idea isn't so far from reality. At one point, Josh had seen an add somewhere asking for volunteers for medical research. This research involved toe amptutation. Yes, 5 g's for each toe. Josh was ready to remove all ten of his toes for a nice chunk of change. We all breathed a collective sigh of relief when it turned out the whole thing was a hoax. I guess none of us wanted to keep picking him up off the floor after he tipped over and fell flat on his face from lack of leverage.  

   Anyway, he says, You ready for this? We give our assent and he says, You got another gig, Jess! I booked you for the East End Cafe on Monday March 9th (which is really the only date I am available to play that night, due to playing in DC every other night of the week).

  Anyway, here's the deal--I am playing at the East End Cafe on Monday night, March 9th. I will be playing with a full band again--the awesome and talented Christian Dunn, Drew Copeland, Josh Latshaw, and hopefully Rebekah Latshaw will lend her voice again as well (though I haven't actually asked if she's available or not). You don't have to be 21 to go, I am pretty sure, so that is good news for those of you younger guys who were not issued a passport that happens to say you are in fact older than you are (ahem, Shane...).

  All you tri-staters, it's real real close. Please come; it will be a blast! And thanks for getting the gig, Josh, as well as the dramatic way in which you told us.

   And honestly, I am really glad Josh is not pregnant...And has all of his toes securely fastened to his foot. 


kathiek said...

That's great, Jess!! I will make every effort to be there!

beingawesome said...

ok.. just the thought of josh being pregnant..


made my night!

jason said...

Sounds like fun! I will make no effort to be there, sadly.

Beingawesome, do you know Josh?

Jonathan Latshaw said...

I bet REbekah will be able to sing with you again - but only if she gets to dance this time!

Jessica Latshaw said...

You kidding me?! She could have danced last time--that's actually what I had asked her to do--be my BACK UP DANCER, but she misunderstood me and was so excited to sing, that I didn't have the heart to correct her...

Jenna Latshaw said...

i can't wait! make your ACL friends come too!

Lady Leth said...

So cool!