Saturday, January 31, 2009


     I will tell you something, I am an introvert. But the truth is that I absolutely love people. I enjoy conversation, meeting new people, and hanging out with friends. But, and here is the strange part (feel free to disagree), I usually get this burdened feeling inside when I find out there is something social I am expected to attend.  Unconsciously, I begin to make up excuses--watertight reasons why I should just go home.  

   Not all the time, I guess, but most of the time. 

    Honestly, I almost always want to just go home after the show and not hang out.  I have to force myself to be social. Most of the time I would rather close my door and write, read, play the piano (if one is available), or listen to music...I like to be by myself.  I get a lot of life from that. 

   However, when I do hang out with people, I really enjoy myself. But I particularly like the conversations; I like when I can speak with one person, find out more about their life, their thoughts, the history that shaped their life.  

  So for a long time I was under the misconception that I was shy. I realize now this is not the case. I am an introvert who loves people but does need time alone. And the world is happier when I get it. Maybe the world is an exaggeration; perhaps more to the point--I am happier. 

   I think I will buy some Jason Mraz music and listen to it. Alone. But if you want to contact me, don't be scared, because remember? I do love people.  


kathiek said...

Funny, I think am an extrovert that definitely needs time alone!

I have seen your show...I can believe you just want to hang out in your room when you are must be exhausted!!

God bless you, Jess!

beingawesome said...

interesting. I thought you were definitely outgoing and the like when i met you.. Didn't seem like an introvert in the slightest.

Jessica Latshaw said...

see that's the thing--I really do enjoy being around people and meeting new people.

but I also really enjoy being alone--perhaps I am a hybrid of some sort.

Michele said...

Jason Mraz rocks! I love his Mr A-Z cd!

Anonymous said...

I think that since you genuinely enjoy both (intro- and extroversion), you're a healthy combination of both. Which is probably the best mix really since typical life is an unavoidable balance of both. Enjoying solitude has classically been considered a positive thing, as has--obviously--enjoying meaningful company. Pretty much means that you can be fairly comfortable in any situation, huh?

Jessica Latshaw said...

I suppose so--that sounds right. But, I am generally more inclined to be in smaller groups and/or go home rather than out...Still, when I do go out I usually have a good time--so yes, your assessment sounds good;-)