Wednesday, January 28, 2009

coupe, in more ways than one

    Okay, so tonight I cut myself during the ballet combination in the opening. This, my friends, is a difficult thing to do and I would not recommend you try this at home. It is generally not funny to cut oneself, but in this particular case it kind of is. This is because it is ironic--let me explain. 

    See, I was doing something called a sautebasque (soda-bosk) which is basically a turn in the air landing in coupe. Coupe is the step that these lovely little baby ballerina's are demonstrating:

   As you can imagine, landing in coupe while wearing 3 inch heels is not always the most delightful thing--especially if that heel digs into your unsuspecting skin, leaving you to look like this:
   But the ironic thing in this situation is that the french word coupe, when translated into english, literally means to cut.  

   So tonight I not only was able to demonstrate the coupe step, I was also able to accomplish it literally. 

  Ironic, right?


kathiek said...

Ouch! Still, I suppose it could have been didn't fall and break anything, right? I can't imagine having to dance like that in 3" heels...the pounding your feet must take! It is kind of funny, though, I mean regarding the literal meaning of the word coupe, that is. Words are interesting, aren't they? When I was getting ready for the first performance of Nutcracker, I gave out my little cards and candy canes to Charis, Selah, the kids that played my children, my "husband", and to Linda MERDE gifts, right?! I asked Linda what merde meant. She told me what it has come to mean, then what it really means. I was suddenly very glad I never actually said the word to anyone, I just wished them a good show!

By the way, Jess, I read your last post and I thought about commenting on it, but all my "bright side" things were things you were sad about and I didn't want to seem unfeeling, or like I was rubbing salt into the wound, as it were. God bless you, my friend.

Jessica Latshaw said...

hahahaha, yes, Kathie--I know all about merde! But the thing is, that when said to someone before a show in well-wishing, it really does mean "good luck!"

and I don't worry bout not commenting-I know your heart towards me and I appreciate it always;-)

Mom said...

Talking about merde.....all words are context dependent which means what you mean it mean it means. For instance, your generation uses the word "suck;" the word horrifies me even to write it! I can't imagine using a word like that. I think to myself "you must not really know what it means! But the way your generation uses it, I'm sure it doesn't mean what my generation meant it to me. So words change meaning from generation to generation. It makes it really difficult for an international student to learn our language.

So sorry you cut yourself!

Susan Marie said...

I love it! A bilingual pun!!
(the cut doesn't look too bad- but I hope that particular stunt doesn't happen again;)

Jessica Latshaw said...

I feel you on the word "sucks" mom!

and I hope it doesn't happen again, too, susan!