Thursday, January 8, 2009

people's choice awards!

  Tonight, Jenna and I went to the People's Choice Awards, thanks to our brother Jason.

   The stressful part of the evening was parking. In downtown L.A. During rush hour. We had this fancy pass for valet parking--should be easy, right? Yeah...About that.  Well, because a road was closed we could find our way to the valet section. After circling for a half hour, we finally found a kind security guard who told us how to circumvent that darned closed road and get to our destination. FInally. Oh, except they were full and the clock was ticking. See, it was now about 5:15, the doors were supposed to close promptly at 5:30, and now we were redirected to a new place across town.  


    So, we followed the new directions and couldn't find anything that resembled parking for the life of us. There was no sign, no flags, no orange cones, no nothing. It was 5:30, Jenna was starting to cry, sure that the doors would close with us irreversibly on the outside...

   Finally, we stumbled upon the garage, dropped our car off and hustled as quickly as our heels would allow us towards the Shrine. The doors were not, in fact, closed and--though I am not sure exactly how this happened--we found ourselves being ushered onto the red carpet. With Queen Latifah. No, we were not arm in arm with her, but still, we were sort of sharing the red carpet with her.

   And of course I tripped. Go figure.

   We went inside to our sweet seats nice and close to the stage and saw this:  
     We were having fun star-gazing, dressed up and alert for anything interesting.
  Carrie Underwood sang beautifully as well as snagging two awards.
  It was a little easy for us to tell who was going to get the awards, though; generally, if there were four different people nominated for any given category and only one of those were actually there, it wasn't exactly difficult to guess who would claim it. 

   Jenna and I each took turns striking a pose:
     Rascall Flatts gave an amazing performance. We were seated in such a way that a lot of the celebrities had to walk right by us. At one point, right after Debra Messing had presented, I overheard her say to her friend, Was that as awkward as it felt? Kid Rock walked by us a few times, holding his bottle of beer and looking a little strung out. Jenna and I each gave a scream (well I gave a silent scream since my voice is still on the mend since getting sick) for David Borealis, one of our favorite vampires.  Christian Bale was kind and gracious and of course dedicated his award for the Dark Knight to Heath Ledger...
   We had a truly great time!


beingawesome said...

wow.. just wow. That looks like it was sooo much fun!

Mom said...

What a fun time!

kathiek said...

That is wonderful, Jess! I am so glad you posted some pics, because I missed you on the TV. I didn't check Facebook and see your mom's message until around 9:30, You guys looked great!

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