Thursday, January 29, 2009

25, er...26 random things about me

So, I have been tagged on facebook by two different friends from two entirely different circles of life and took it as a sign that the fates were telling me that I should post 25 Random Things About Me.  So I did. On facebook. And just to go full circle, I am going to post it here as well.

1. When I was little, I wanted to be a mermaid when I grew up. I thought that was a valid, respectable profession. I don't remember the exact moment I found out it wasn't exactly something you go to school for. Also I never did become a really good swimmer. Or grow a tail. Or learn to breath under water.

2. I also used to sing songs to animals. I would go outside and make up songs about God and serenade our dogs, cats, and horses about how loved and special they were.  I hope they got the message.

3. My younger sister is adopted, but she is darker complected like my mom so people have asked if I am the one adopted before.

4. My brothers and I have this face that we inadvertently make when we look at ourselves in the mirror. It is extremely embarrassing and our respective spouses love to make fun of us for it. I don't blame them at all.

5. When I first met Drew he had a beard and therefore I was completely uninterested in him. Yes, this might mean that I am shallow.

6. I still remember the first time I performed; I was 8 years old, skinny as all get out, and armed with a tambourine and lipstick as I did a little ballet/folksy dance. I was smitten with being in front of an audience that was captivated by me and could not stop smiling. It was a feeling that consumed me, not all that unlike being in love.

7. I love bread. LOVE IT. I don't care what people say about carbs and how bad they may be for you--I will always eat them and do so happily.

8. I wrote my first song when I was 14. I still remember the melody and it's not half bad.

9. One of my dreams is to perform my music on a regular basis and get paid well to do so.

10. I love reading Dear Abby--like things. Anything involving people's problems and experts advice is completely intriguing to me.

11. I hate all thing florescent--especially lights. I like a good warm yellow light; reading and writing under the cold glare of a florescent light almost kills any inspiration I had before I turned the light on.

12. I permed my hair when I was 8 years old. Mom, what were you thinking?!?!

13. I wasn't allowed to officially wear make-up outside of performing until I was 16. I did, however, manage to get my hands on some brown-tinted lip gloss from the local health food store that I was allowed to wear and did so profusely...

14. I love God and how He dreams and then brings about good and beautiful things that bring much needed change into my life.

15. I am unbelievably loyal to my family and friends. I am unashamedly proud of being a Latshaw.

16. I absolutely hate any phrases that combine something above with something below--i.e. "brain fart" and "diarrhea of the mouth." Ew. Gross.

17. I really love Drew's last name and had always told my mom that I would never marry a man whose last name I didn't like. She always told me that was crazy; like what if I fell in love with someone named Mr. Butt or something?--but I always knew I would fall in love with a man with the perfect last name. And I did. 

18. I get paid to sing really badly and singing well is one of my favorite things to do.

19. When I have family/friends in the audience I feel like a little girl performing for the first time again, it makes me that happy.

20. I want to write a book someday.

21. I was blonde for most of my life. I think I will probably be again at some point.

22. I have always been more of a dog person, but I now have two cats and love them more than I ever thought possible.

23. I am really, really sensitive. Some may say over sensitive which would probably hurt my feelings. Case in point. 

24. Playing the piano is like therapy for me and I wish to God I could put one in my pocket and always have it handy.

25. red and yellow are my favorite colors, but never really together.

26. And just to prove this last point, I am always in need of an editor as you can see since this was supposed to only be 25 Random Things About Me and I have now made it 26 Random Things About Me. 

   Oh, and p.s. today marked our 300th performance of A Chorus Line. Woo-hoo!


jason said...

There's a lot to comment on but I will just cop out and say... 300!!??? That's incredible.

peaj said...

Re #24: You should get one of those roll out pianos, to take with you anywhere.

Re #3: it's those strong Latshaw facial genes. I don't think either you or your sister bear a strong resemblance facially to your Mom, so I can see this happening.

Re #4: I want to see the face! Is it the twisted mouth face I sometimes see in Latshaw family pics?

I like your list.

Mom said...

Hey, Jess~

OK, let's see~

I remember EXACTLY when you wanted to become a mermaid--we were in Florida and you saw the wichee wachee (sp?) mermaids. That did it! But you never really liked swimming as you said. It was all about performing, wasn't it?

About Drew & the Beard: I think the only thing I've ever been critical about you is your incredible long list of what you husband had to be! Yes, I admit, it DID seem a bit shallow. Like having a great last name, he had to be taller than you, he couldn't have a beard (even 2 of your brothers have beards now), had to wear certain shoes, the list went on and on....and I thought it was unrealistic. But, I have to admit, you found the guy who met all the criteria! Course, I will still maintain that WE knew it before you did.

Performing: watching you perform, whether as a little girl in green with puffy bangs and a tambourine or as a badly singing Kristine has brought lots of fun and joy in our lives!

I hate all florescent lights too!

And I LOVE dogs & cats. And I LOVE being a Latshaw! And I LOVE how God does dream and breaks into the earth and does amazing things!

And I LOVE you (and ALL the other Latshaws lest anyone be jealous!)

jason said...

I actually do not have a beard at the moment.

Jessica Latshaw said...

jase--did you shave it as soon as you read mom's comment just to prove her wrong?!?!

peaj--good idea about the roll out piano! and yes, people have literally stopped me at the mall or grocery store or somewhere like that and said, "you MUST be a Latshaw--you have that face!"

It has always been a little bit weird.

oh, and if you ever catch one of us even walking by a reflection of ourselves you'll see the face!

Mom--see--I'm a girl with standards, what can I say?!?!? and it did happen to work out for me. Although drew did just buy an extremely ugly jacket that, had he worn it back when he asked me out, I might not have dated him...

and if you hate all florescent lights too, then why did you and pop install so many in our house? I think everyone one of our bedrooms had a big old florescent light in it!

Jessica Latshaw said...

oh--and in my comment to Peaj, I was first referring to the Latshaw face and then referring to our mirror face. the two are different.

Joshuabama said...

and the lights all had that evil hum
and i didnt know we all did the latshaw face when we looked into the mirror...
thats funny~
i like dogs and cats and all animals....
i love performing too...thats why i pretty much do it all day....soon as i wake up

kathiek said...

First of all, congratulations on 300 performances, Jess, that is great!!

Secondly, I have learned a few new things about you, too!

1. I suppose you can't be a mermaid and an elf. Of the two, which would you prefer to be (if swimming and breathing underwater were not hindering factors)?
7. I love bread, as well...and rice, pasta, potatoes, polenta, couscous...pretty much every carb!
11. Florescent lights are unnecessarily harsh and should be avoided in the home, when dining out, and when shopping (this last one is probably not possible, but since florescent lighting sometimes makes colors look different, they really shouldn't be in stores).
17. Too funny!...and aren't you thankful every day that God didn't throw out your list?! ;-)
20. Me, too.
21. Same here, except that I will probably NOT be blonde ever again.
23. OSA...'nuff said!
25. As I have mentioned in my list of "25 Random Things About" me, I am fond of red and yellow (I probably have worn them some point), but I have many "favorites"!!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Of the two, I'd definitely pick Elf!