Thursday, January 8, 2009

ice skating. in california. WHAT?!

   Today, we were strong. We were brave. We were resilient. 

    We were ice skating...
      Jason prepped Ollie, who turned out to be a maverick on the ice--skating to the beat of his own drummer as he perfected this combination walk/run on the ice, varied by grabs for the rink as his feet slipped out from underneath him and he hung by the railing like a monkey. Lyric was a champ. She literally threw up as soon as we parked the car, cleaned up a little, drank some water and grabbed a stick of gum before she insisted on still skating.  You can't keep that girl back when it comes to the ice!
   Jenna and Jase, mugging for the camera as we Latshaws can tend to do.
   Drew, anticipating another Eagles victory this Sunday, I think...
     What's better than the perfect couple? The perfect couple on ice, of course!
   A big part our trip out to CA was in celebration of the four years that Drew and I have spent sharing a last name (most of the time, anyway...At least when I am not on stage).  We would skate together and every once in a while (when Drew wasn't laughing at me for skating like a three year old, halting baby steps and everything) we would look at each other and say, 4 YEARS!!! Sometimes the other family members would join in, too. Passerbys probably didn't know quite what to think...
   Oh, and here's just a cool pic of the boy's car that caravaned to the ice rink. These guys are just too cool for school. 
   Ollie, on the side of the rink, where you could find him most of the time. Me, on the side of the rink, where you could find me some of the time...Oh, and the little girl behind me in the pink striped hat was skating all by herself around that rink; she put me to shame, for sure.
      Who knew ice skating in Santa Monica could be so fun?!?! 


Mom said...

OK, so we Latshaws on the east coast are a bit jealous! But glad you are having a good time :)

jason said...

Well the West Coast Latshaws have definite "picking up the cute puppy" envy, so many it's even!

kathiek said...

I am happy for you all that you are having such a fun, wonderful visit!

Congratulations Jess and Drew for your 4 years...yay!!

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