Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the bright side

    I worked tonight and honestly, I was very grateful for something to do. Somewhere to go, some responsibility. There isn't that much to do here in Detroit. Actually, since downtown Detroit is so dangerous, we are staying outside of Detroit in Dearborn. Um, there's a Walmart nearby...So...yeah. 

    It's cold. The sky is an endless grey. The snow is beautiful, true, but since there is no possible chance of a snow day (the show must go on, people!) and being snuggled inside with my loved ones, it doesn't excite me that much. 

   We have a kitchen here, so I am making good use of it with the groceries I buy at Walmart.  This is great--saves me money, you know--but it also means that there just isn't much reason to go anywhere. Not even to go out to eat. Actually, I think I have eaten a meal at a restaurant twice since I arrived.

  There's a small gym right next to my room, and I am making good use of that as well...

   Honestly, I am ready to get out of here. It is, I think, deadening to something that is very vital inside. There is no piano nearby, either, so I miss that. I started writing some lyrics today, and guess what kind of feel they had?

   Yep, melancholy.  

   But, let's look on the bright side...I am going to be in Florida for the entire month of February. It's a balmy 75 degrees there on average right now. Drew will be visiting me in precisely twenty-five days and yes, I am counting. I saw the movie Slumdog Millionaire last night and was both moved and inspired. The story telling was fantastic, the love story breathtaking. You should definitely make the effort to go see it. Oh and it was only $5 admission--this can only happen in Dearborn, MI, I do believe...I am currently watching the new TLC show 17 kids and counting and the father's actual first name is Jim Bob. If that doesn't constitute a bright side for me right now well, you don't realize how very unbright I feel here in Michigan.   

   Really, his name is Jim Bob. How awesome is that?! But how does that work? Is it actually James Robert? I don't know; I've never been a double name expert and I was born and bred in the great, mostly single named North. 

  But I do have a fascination with the South. 

   Another bright side of life is that my roommate, Gabi, just adopted a kitty cat from the Dearborn shelter. Her name is Veronica and she is a black and grey tabby. She looks a lot like two cats I had growing up by the names of Simpson and Precious (my family will remember).  She's a sweetheart and very affectionate and makes sweet little sounds that do my heart good.  

  Any bright sides you want to share? I am looking for any good news at all, here--no matter how small...;-)


Emily said...

completely unrelated, but I am reading your blog while my girls eat their breakfast, and Rowan is closest to me and can see the computer screen. She pointed at the pictures of you and Drew and said, "Mommy-Daddy!" which is not to say that she thinks you guys look like Dan and I, but rather, those two people are married, or love each other, or something like that. They say it any time they see a man and woman hug or kiss, etc. It was cute, she was very happy about it.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Emily, that is adorable and absolutely related since I had asked for anything to brighten my day and that certainly did!

peaj said...


Sorry you are not feeling so spiffy, and you are missing Drew.

As you probably heard, we had a big, wet storm out here. Ice over snow, turning to slush, that sort of thing.

So, last night, during all this, our sump pump decided to stop working. Not so fun, huh? But hey, get this - all it took was a trip to Lowes, bought a sump pump hose kit (who knew they had such things?), and two hours after I left home, bam! working sump pump. And yeah, I did pray, cause I was imagining that it was going to take hours and maybe major dollars for someone who knew what they were doing to fix it. So that's my bright side.

Jessica Latshaw said...

thanks for sharing, peaj! and yay for problems that are more easily fixed than we anticipated!

Michele said...

Wow Jess, I'm wracking my brain to think of some "bright" thing to share and I can't come up with anything :( I'm either pretty ungrateful, or life can be just as mundane when you're with the ones you love :) I did indulge in a grilled italian sub the other day, remembering the one we had at Potbellies. It was no where near as good, but the memory was fond!

peaj said...

Hmmm... Potbellies... I want to go there!

christine said...

I meant to say this earlier but I'm going to count my blog post as something that could brighten your day. It sounded like it did anyway : )
Also, I meant to comment on your missing Drew post but didn't, I know big shocker : ) I too am sorry that you are feeling so far away and missing him terribly. Though I would say it would be more sad if you weren't missing him so there's another bright side of things : )
I really use too many smiley faces when I'm writing : )

Jessica Latshaw said...

MIchele--Potbellies--yum! definitely a bright part of life!

Peaj--you can totally go there; it's on walnut street in philly:-)

Christine--NO SUCH THING AS TOO MANY SMILEY FACES:-):-):-) and yes, it is much better than I miss my husband rather than the opposite. Plus, your post was and always is a blessing!:-)