Saturday, January 3, 2009


    Well now, here's something new for you: A sports post.  That's right, something that has never been done before on, and you get to witness it. 

     How very exciting.

      I must say that I grew up in a house where the Eagles pretty much ruled. With the exception of one brother who was and is a diehard Cowboys fan (I know, I know--what drama! what angst! the eagles and the cowboys are sworn enemies! Ai-yai-yai...), as well as one mother who didn't and doesn't give a rat's tail about football, it sometimes felt like we all rose and fell with the Eagles. 

    And then I married Drew and quickly became a football widow. I was faced with a choice: either learn to know and love the Eagles as well, or miss out on a big part of my husband's life.  

   If you can't beat em, join em, right? 

   So I joined him. And to make it even more appealing for me, Drew started telling me all these human interest stories about the Eagles. For instance, Andy Reid is mormon and somehow always manages to hire one or two mormon players on the team--like Kevin Curtis, for example;  Donovan McNabb and Brian Dawkins generally room together when they are on the road, probably because they share the same values, Drew suspects; Shawn Andrews stayed out of training camp this year because he was struggling with depression, but then got help from friends, found God, and is even reaching out to other NFL players now struggling with depression.  

   Really, you never have to ask Drew twice to talk about the Eagles.  

   In fact, one night we were driving home late--I think from a Look Machine show--and Drew was listening to Gary Cobb's sports radio show.  Of course they were discussing the Eagles and of course Drew had to call in and add his two cents.  Well, in another 10 minutes Drew had something else to add, but was sadly turned away when he called.

   Apparently Drew had already reached his limit for times one is allowed to call in to the show within a ten minute span.  Go figure. He is nothing if not enthusiastic. 

   And now these beloved Eagles have won a spot in the playoffs and I am hoping that they win tomorrow.  Mostly because this will make Drew extremely happy, but also because this team has won me over--albeit, with Drew's help!--and now it would make me happy too.  

   So may the best team win tomorrow and by best team I mean the Eagles.




kathiek said...

Well, Jess, I don't remember if I have ever NOT posted a comment on your blog since I started reading it, and I guess I'm not about to start now, though I am ill-equipped to comment on this subject. I am, as my husband affectionately tells me, sports deficient. I will, however, say this: it is wonderful that you have learned to appreciate something your husband loves, I commend you for that. After 25 years of marriage, I have not succeeded in that area. I do not care about football, I have tried, but to no avail. Nor do I care for baseball, hockey, soccer, or pretty much any other sport. I can take sports in a movie (I loved Remember the Titans, We Are Marshall, Field of Dreams, The Rookie, and some others), and I enjoy watching gymnastics, diving, ice skating, and a few other things during the Olympics, but that's about it. I have tried to engage John in conversations about sports over the years, which he seems to find amusing. I have tried to sit with him and watch one game or another with him; I can usually last about 5-10 minutes, then I have to leave the room. I don't think he minds that I leave, I think he appreciates that I have left him to watch his game in peace (since I tend to talk through it). So, there you have it. I am not for the Eagles, neither am I against them, or any other team, for that matter. I give equal time to the teams (and sports) in which I am disinterested. ;-)

Anonymous said...

you got your wish@

Jessica Latshaw said...

You bet I did!!!

peaj said...

GO EAGLES!! On to the Meadowlands!