Saturday, January 10, 2009

not ready, at least not yet

     It's hard to believe that pretty soon I'll be back on a stage, reciting a monologue that I haven't even thought about since this past Sunday.  It's a little crazy to reconcile this past week of amazing fun with my job. I mean, yeah, my job is fun, but in a very different, disciplined sort of way. Oh, and takes me far from Drew and family and friends (not to say the people I work with aren't my friends, because I can assure you they most certainly are).
      And where is it I am going, you may ask? I am rejoining my cast in Detroit, of all places! My brother keeps on kindly reminding me that Detroit has one of the highest crime rates ever and to please watch my back while I am there. 

     You don't have to tell me twice. I tend to be very suspicious of strangers; I don't know them, therefore I don't trust them.  

     So, I am trying to keep an open mind, trying to expect good things, but trying to stay practical about my expectations at the same time. For instance, there most certainly will not be Disneyland in Detroit:
   I will, however, still have the ability to give a hearty thumbs-up--even if I am not in Disneyland. I will be sure to do that while in Detroit, especially after seeing how cool it makes me look in this picture.

   Um, correct me if I am wrong, but I am also pretty sure that there is no Malibu Creek State Park or old Adobe houses with climbing Drew's hanging off the side in Detroit:
    But, I know there are houses, at least, if not necessarily adobe houses. Yeah...Detroit has houses. Right?

    And you know what, I bet there is a Benihana in Detroit. But there will not be these awesome people to share it with:

        Please do me a favor and look at the little guy's face on the right. Ollie had already been on a lengthy hike and we waited over an hour to be seated. The poor dude was just too tired to even muster up a smile. About ten minutes after this picture was taken he was sleeping soundly on his daddy's lap and his shrimp and chicken was put in a doggie bag. 

       I am not quite ready to go back to work, but I never really am when it means leaving Drew. However, the grace that I need isn't going anywhere and it'll be available on Tuesday. Just like always. 


jason said...

Definitely going to miss you guys! It won't be the same with you in Detroit, that's for sure.

(DOn't walk home alone, ok?)

kathiek said...

Well, Jess, Detroit will love you, as do we! Have a safe trip.

merry said...

haha. Sorry, but in the first picture Darby and Ollie have the same kind of grumpy face. Did the photographer take you guys by surprise? You and Jase are smiling like you're used to it.

Jessica Latshaw said...

I know--I saw that too! Darby was feeling sick, so that may be why her face was grumpy...and Ollie...well, the boy feels things deeply; perhaps he just wasn't feeling like a smile and didn't want to fake it for the camera, which I respect.

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