Saturday, July 19, 2008

Go See The Dark Knight. Now.

   Okay guys, I am going to pull a Jase here, and review a movie. Kinda.  I won't have all his fancy, I-go-to-film-school jargon to pretty it up, maybe, but I will tell you to go see The Dark Knight.  Right now.  That's right--stop whatever you are doing, which I assume is reading this blog (and I appreciate that, believe me), and go buy a ticket at a theater near you for The Dark Knight.  It's an epic movie with a stellar cast.  

   A lot of times the dialogue is lacking for comic-book-turned-feature-film, but not this time; even the cheesier lines worked perfectly.  A couple of things to look out for: 

  • Christian Bale is hot.  Honestly, I have loved him since Newsies--but he plays an awesome tortured soul/lone vigilante/billionaire genius who is Bruce Wayne (and that's not giving anything away; if you live in America, than you know that already).  
  • The actor who plays the mayor of Gotham looks like he is wearing eye-liner.  Or maybe Josh from Bare Minerals did his make-up.  Either way, you'll see what I am talking about.
  • The extras in the movie who play ballerinas from Moscow look more like playboy bunnies than ballerinas.  I have never see a real, working ballerina look like that. Never.
  • Morgan Freeman. Enough Said.  
  • Oh, and also Michael Caine.  Brilliant as Alfred.
  • And you absolutely must see Heath Ledger play the Joker.  He is magic and embodies the crazed, yet brilliant savant the role calls for.  I would not be surprised if he is both nominated and wins the academy award posthumously. His performance was startling. Every time he was on the screen, he owned it in a cavalier, devil-may-care, but totally evil kind of way.  In a very little bit, he was so witty that you almost found yourself rooting for him--or at least wanting him to live so you can hear the next thing that comes out of his mouth.  It's tragic that Heath Ledger really is gone from this earth. May he rest in Peace.

 And I can't remember Jason's exact star scale, but I am gonna say if it's out of five stars, then it gets five stars, and so on.  You know what I mean--just go see it.  


Poeta do Penedo said...

hey Jessica
let me see if I can write something that you could ride. I Had not note 20 in english, but...
I,m writing from Portugal. I leave in Aveiro's city. And just like you, Braveheart is one of my favorites movies. Just like you, i like very much writing (in portuguese), i'm a drums player about 34 years, not professional, i love god and i believe that the death is not the end, our end.

It were my plaisir see you in my blog


Michele said...

Hey Jess,
First, your kitties are fine! I think Percy has grown a little. I usually read about 20 of your blogs at one time, so this comment refers to the 9 people around the table blog - I would say that me, your parents, Nate & Christy Appleby, Kim Beam, & Josh Greenplate had such an experience one night in our villa at the vineyard conference. We laughed and had a great time. Good people! Thanks for your review of The Dark Night. I love Heath, but am not a real batman fan, so I wasn't sure if I would see it, but now I definitely will. Can't wait to see you in September!

Mom said...

We definitely had that kind of experience at the villa with wonderful people! You know, you can't really plan those times but they are so special when they come. those moments are precious!

Jessica Latshaw said...

poeta--thanks for the comment; I will check out your blog!

michele--Percy has grown?! Wow! Thanks for taking such good care of our cats--I hope they are behaving themselves!

kathieK said...

WOW!! The Dark Knight was great and Heath Ledger was terrifyingly brilliant as the Joker! It is no good comparing his portrayal of the Joker to any other, he is in a class of his own. It is hard to believe this is the last thing we will ever get to see from him, that we won't get to see what this gifted young man would have done next, but what an astounding ending to his career! Christian Bale was excellent and, as for Morgan Freeman, I cannot think of one thing I have seen him in that I have not liked and this movie is no exception. Michael Caine is great as Alfred. I would be interested in what you think of Ms Gyllenhall's portrayal of Rachel Dawes. Do you prefer her, or do you prefer Katie Holmes' portrayal of Rachel? Jess, you mentioned the guy who plays the mayor of Gotham. His name escapes me for the moment, something Nestor, I believe, but I think he looks like that all the time. If I remember correctly, he looked like that when he was in the series "Suddenly Susan" with Brooke Shields, Kathy Griffin, and another guy whose name I can't remember (Bill Something, I think) that died. Anyway, outstanding movie! I love all of Batman's gadgets and gizmos! I always enjoy seeing what else they'll come up with; I feel the same way about the Bond movies, which is surprising for someone as technology challenged as I am! GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!

kathieK said...

Nestor Carbonell plays the mayor of Gotham and was in Suddenly Susan. A very handsome man with dark eyes and lashes that do make him appear to be wearing eyeliner, but he has looked like that in everything I have ever seen him in! The guy that played Todd in that series was David Strickland, not "Bill" something (oops!).